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Rose Striped Organza Dress & Wedding Guest Mishaps

I wore this pretty rose striped organza dress to my friend’s wedding in Grand Rapids last weekend. It monsooned, so I didn’t get a chance to snap outfit photos at the actual time of the event. Since I received so many compliments on the dress last weekend I put it back on to share with you.Rose Candy Stripe Dress

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Weekly Refreshment: Blackberry Orange Gin Fizz

This week’s refreshment is literal. Because I literally concocted a delicious cocktail for you. It is a blackberry orange fizz, also something I like to call the BoFizzly.

Spindrift was so kind as to send me some of their blackberry sparkling water to try out. They make it with real crushed fruit, so it is a beautiful purple color. It is delicious on its own, but I really wanted to incorporate it in a cocktail. I love gin and Spindrift or vodka and Spindrift, but that is wholly un-creative. This cocktail, the BoFizzly, is so elevated and tasty you won’t even believe you made it.

Blackberry Orange Fizz | Glass of Glam

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A HIIT Jump Rope Workout and a Post-Workout Smoothie

Sometimes I like to do at home workouts when it is yucky out or I don’t feel like the whole production of going to a workout class. There are so many great workouts on the web, all you have to do is find your favorites. Or make one up, like I sometimes do.

I was recently sent the TKO Soft-Grip Jump Rope to try out! I was thrilled because I’ve always been an exerciser and I have plenty of equipment, but somehow I never owned a jump rope! It is exciting to harness some creativity and change up your workouts!

The box boasts that you can burn 170 calories for just 15 minutes of jumping! That’s pretty amazing, considering I barely burn 100 calories for a mile on the treadmill.

TKO Jump Rope Review


This jump rope is particularly sturdy and looks super professional. The rope is a durable pvc material, and I like how the handles have grips on them so they don’t slip out of your hands. My hands tend to get sweaty, so the grips are a really nice feature. I also like how the rope swivels, so you don’t become a tangled mess while you are using it.

It was folded really neatly in the box, so I hung it over a door to get out the kinks. The jump rope is really lightweight, and I even see myself throwing it in my vacation bag for some quick cardio. I especially LOVE that it is so affordable at only $13!


HIIT Jump Rope Workout | Glass of Glam


So I’ve been going to a crossfit gym in my neighborhood for a couple weeks now, and we did a fantastic workout involving jump ropes. The workout only lasted 24 minutes and it was AMAZING. I was huffing and puffing like a maniac afterwards.

I didn’t want to tell you all these super duper things about a jump rope without giving you something to DO with it! So here is a modified version of the workout I did at crossfit that only takes 20 minutes. I promise you will be feeling your arms and booty after, and probably the next day! All you need is a jump rope and your body (and maybe a towel because you will be sweatin’.)

ps – I highly recommend you download the interval timer app on your phone if you like to create your own high intensity interval workouts. It is free and dings when you work, then dings again when you rest. Just set the high intensity interval to 1:00 and the low to 00:20, for 15 sets. Then all you have to worry about is putting on your jams and getting work done.


HIIT Jump Rope Workout | Glass of Glam


Now that you’ve completed your workout, you need to replenish your beautiful muscles! This is my ALL TIME favorite shake. Sometimes I even make it for breakfast.


Blueberry Chocolate Shake | Glass of Glam


If you don’t have almond milk, substitute for water or whatever type of milk you like. And if you don’t have protein powder, just use an extra tablespoon of cocoa powder and throw 1/2 banana in so it isn’t too watery.

Something about chocolate and blueberries and cinnamon together is SINFUL! It is so delicious I seriously tell everyone I know about this godly recipe that came from the depths of my mind.


Blueberry Chocolate Shake | Glass of Glam


Do you incorporate a jump rope into your workouts? Do you take it on the go? Tell me!

Check out some of my favorite workout gear:


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The Classic and Foolproof Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule | Glass of GlamOne of my absolute favorite cocktails is the classic Moscow Mule. I love the spiciness of the ginger, the sweetness of the ginger beer, and the refreshing lime squeeze. It is simply a heavenly combination. And you get to drink it out of a cool copper cup. I guess the vodka is just an extra bonus. Read More

Strawberry Gin Martini – Le Petite Fraise

So I made up a cocktail recipe. I call it the Petite Fraise (or little Strawberry.) It is really simple, delicious and refreshing.

strawberry martini
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Texas Greyhound: Bolo Tie Dress

We had so much fun at the Omni Bedford Spring Resort this weekend. You can also read a little about it in yesterday’s post. The design and color schemes in each grand room are impeccable. I loved looking around at the different wallpapers, fun furniture, and whimsical carpeting.

The spa at the resort is especially nice. I had a much needed facial and a body scrub, and I felt like a brand new person after!

glass of glam - frill dressOUTFIT DETAILS:


IMG_1821Our room – with a homey yet still vacation-y feel.

IMG_1828 IMG_1872Enjoying Irish coffees and the blue paisley wallpaper.

IMG_1846Banana Brulee breakfast oatmeal.

glass of glam - frill dress glass of glam - frill dress glass of glam - frill dress



I packed this adorable ASOS frill dress knowing that it would not need too much embellishment. Pieces that are interesting enough to basically stand alone, without too many accessories (belts, necklaces, scarves, etc etc) are perfect for weekend trips because they are just “put on and go.” I just threw on these cute sandals and my new favorite Chloe dupe bag and the outfit was set.

The front frill details with the long bow kind of remind me of a bolo tie. Which is why this post is called the Texas  Greyhound. The post is ALSO called the Texas Greyhound because it is the name of the cocktail Dan ordered at the Resort’s Frontier Tavern which was SO TASTY. I actually called them especially to get the recipe for you!

1.5 oz vodka
.75 oz lime juice
.75 oz simple syrup
1.5 oz ruby red grapefruit juice
garnished with salted rim and a piece of grapefruit

Simple and delicious. Can’t wait to make it!

I linked some more “interesting pieces” that do not require much fussing, as they are just pieces of art in themselves. And all of these are under $60!


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water glassH20

Friday Fizz: Make it a Hurricane

Make it a hurricane…before I go insane! I know that’s what you were hoping I would say.

You probably noticed by now that I started naming my post titles for beverages (EspressoStrawberry Milkshake, Bellini …) This is Glass of Glam, after all! As a beverage lover, I know there is a drink for every mood, outing, and activity. There are refreshments for time of day, time of year, and how you feel.

This post is inspired by the Hurricane, a fruity and refreshing simple cocktail. Despite what concoction you may get when you order one, there are really only 3 ingredients: rum, passion fruit simple syrup, and lemon juice. And some pretty garnish, of course.

Since spring has decided to enter our lives (thank you thank you thank you weather gods) I rounded up my favorite spring pieces from around the web – all inspired by this fruity beverage. Fun, simple, and easy breezy.

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