Friday Fizz: Delicious and Affordable Summer Wines

Wine is my go-to summer beverage. Not an ice cold beer (sorry Zac Brown Band and Brad Paisley and virtually every country music singer). Not a margarita, or a daiquiri. WINE!


Delicious and Affordable Summer Wines | Glass of Glam

Wine is so interesting and complex because it varies based on your mood, the season, or what you happen to have lurking in your pantry (not like that has ever happened to me.)  There are the crispy whites and rosés that are perfect for hot summer days, and warm bold, juicy reds for cuddling by the fireplace. Wines for happy occasions (aka sparkling) and wines for bawling while watching your favorite romantic sob movie.

Below are some summer wines I’ve been loving, and they are all under $30. In fact, most of them are $13 and under (just one is $30).

Delicious and Affordable Summer Wines | Glass of Glam

1.Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc – $30

  • Something I learned in wine class (read about that here) is that Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in Australia have an incredible grapefruity taste. A crisp glass of Cloudy Bay is what I crave on a hot day! I’m also pretty sure that husband of glam brought my parents of bottle of this when he let them know that he wanted to marry me.

2.Sauvetage Rosé – $13

  • This wine came in a ClubW order (I get them from time to time when I feel like I need wine inspiration) and I LOVE IT. It refreshing, juicy, and crispy.

3. Traverse Bay Spiced Cherry Wine – $9

  • This wine is sweet, so it is surprising that I like it so much. It is tasty chilled, or room temperature. And for some odd reason really delicious with Chinese food. You can get it here.

4.Summer Water Rosé – $13

  • another ClubW find. This rosé is a bit more tart. The adorable packaging is enough to convince me to get it again.

I hope you get a chance to try one of these! Do you have a favorite summer wine? I’d love to hear your recommendations!


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7 Responses to Friday Fizz: Delicious and Affordable Summer Wines

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  2. Erica Lindsey says:

    Rombauer Sauvignon Blanc makes for the perfect summer sipper! Cheers?✨

  3. I almost for a minute thought I had that Cloudy Bay Sauvignon but it was Oyster Bay. All 4 wines look amazing!!!


  4. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom says:

    I love, love wine and lately I’ve really been into moscato and blush wines. These all sound like great picks, I haven’t tried any of them… I need to look for them!