Weekly Refreshment: Fabletics

You’ve probably heard of Fabletics.com. It is Kate Hudson’s line of activewear. Fabletics has everything from leggings to swimsuits, actual workout gear to athleisure. But as with any subscription-type service there is a little hesitation. I’m here to explain it to you, because it is really a fantastic company with amazing workout wear.

Weekly Refreshment Fabletics | Glass of GlamRUSSO CAPRI

        Weekly Refreshment Fabletics | Glass of GlamODIN DRESS

The clothing is high quality and lasts for a long time. I personally have three pairs of the salar capris (my favorite, in black stripe, pink, and a geometric pattern), a tank, a sports bra, and a t-shirt. I LOVE all my Fabletics gear but I am especially devoted to my Salar Capris and I can’t wait to get more. They are SO good because they suck everything in, are not see through at all, and are flattering and comfy.

Weekly Refreshment Fabletics | Glass of GlamSALAR CAPRI

Weekly Refreshment Fabletics | Glass of GlamWINN CAPRI

So here is how it works. You sign up for free, which makes you a “VIP member” with access to the discounted prices. Every month you will get an email from Fabletics saying that your new “personalized outfits” are ready. You can still shop from the entire catalog–you’re not limited to just your outfits. Then you choose your outfit!

Some of the outfits are tops and pants, or a dress, a tank and shorts, you get the gist. You can also choose to shop a la carte, like if you need a sports bra and that’s it.

Weekly Refreshment Fabletics | Glass of GlamALDER TANK

Weekly Refreshment Fabletics | Glass of GlamMOOREA BRA

I like that you can skip the month and you won’t be charged. But if you forget to choose your outfit or skip the month between the first and fifth of the month (which I’ve done before) then you will be charged $49.95. It’s not so bad because you can use the credit any time.

I usually set an alert on my phone for the first of the month to remember to skip the month because I don’t like to be pressured into choosing my outfit quickly. Some months I need workout clothes, and others I don’t. I would rather just shop for an outfit when I want one.

Here is a screen shot of what my Fabletics page looks like, just so you can get a sense. It says I am a VIP, I have a zero in store credit (because I spent it all/remembered to skip the month) my reward points balance, and when my new outfits will be revealed.

Weekly Refreshment Fabletics | Glass of GlamWith the rewards points you can get free gear like a water bottle, headbands, socks, tanks, etc. depending on how many rewards points you manage to rack up.

I love the new swim shop, too, which just launched this year! They have some really stylish one-piece swimsuits and some more athletic ones as well.

Weekly Refreshment Fabletics | Glass of GlamMARO ONE-PIECE

Weekly Refreshment Fabletics | Glass of GlamLIZA ONE-PIECE

I will say though, that Fabletics sends teasers for the new patterns and styles at the end of the month. So if you see a new pattern or style that you really like, you need to pounce on it because it will sell out quickly.

It’s also fun that Fabletics tell you what Kate Hudson’s picks are each month. She is pretty fabulous, so those styles typically sell out quickly.

Have you tried Fabletics? The quality is so worth it! And the customer service is great, too. I’ve had to exchange a size and it was a seamless experience. I also want to get the husband of glam something to try, because they have man gear too.

If you sign up through my links you will get your first outfit for just $25! And Fabletics will give me a treat too.


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p.s. – shoutout to Grace (see us in our derby attire here) who requested this post!

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