Weekly Refreshment: Varieteas Monthly Box

Don’t forget that this blog is called GLASS of glam. I love all beverages. And that includes tea. So I guess mug of glam? Whatevs.

When Varieteas reached out to me to try their new tea subscription box, I was all “heck yes.”


varieteas1For $19.95 a month, Varieteas will send you a generous portion of three high quality loose leaf teas. I received Sleeping Dragon, Early Grey Bravo, and Berry Blast.


Sleeping Dragon is a green tea described aptly:

Tightly rolled leaves & silvery fuzzy buds deliver a soft, fruity sweetness enfolded by a rich smokey note similar to a gunpowder, but more complex and crisp.

I don’t usually drink green tea, because tea-time is typically after dinner when caffeine is off limits. However, I really enjoyed Varieteas’ version of green tea. It isn’t too bitter and in your face like some green teas.


I tried the Earl Grey Bravo next. Varieteas says:

The perfect afternoon tea: zesty & exhilarating fresh citrus aroma, slightly dry to the nose, with a rounded and balanced orange rind flavor.

It smells SO good! I enjoy my Earl Grey with some almond milk in it, latte style. It was tasty both with and without the milk.

varieteas2Finally, and probably my favorite, was the Berry Blast:

A delicious blend of natural fruits & spices that brews up a mouthwatering cup of caffeine-free, herbal tea with a bold & slightly tart flavor, with a juicy clean finish.

And that’s exactly what it is. A gorgeous pinky-red color, juicy, and fruity. Perfect for something sweet before bed, when you don’t want to ruin your day of clean eating.


varieteas9Varieteas included a cute loose leaf tea sifter in the package. While I already have some loose leaf tea accoutrements, they didn’t know that. I actually prefer this one because it is easy to clean and looks super cute.

The November teas look SO good! They are called Bonfire, Green Chai, and Pumpkin Spice!!! I can’t contain myself!


Currently Sipping: Varieteas Earl Grey Bravo


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9 Responses to Weekly Refreshment: Varieteas Monthly Box

  1. Loved the article! We also offer a monthly tea subscription where you can receive 4 gourmet loose leaf teas per month. Please could you check us out at https://trueteaclub.co.uk – We would love to collaborate with you. Thank you x

  2. such a great subscription box! i love this company!



  3. Susan Rahamim says:

    Yummmm… they all sound deelish!!

  4. Alissa says:

    The berry blast one looks so good but umm… pumpkin spice?! I’ve not met a tea I like yet, but I’d try that one! lol


  5. This is exactly what I need. I simply love drinking tea, almost to a fault & I love trying new teas. :]

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