Popsugar Must Have Box September 2016

The Popsugar Must Have Box is a curated box of of goodies with brands you probably never heard of. It is kind of like Birchbox, except it costs a bit more and has full sized items. When PopSugar sent me this Must Have box to try, I was totally thrilled, because I love discovering new brands that I would otherwise not have known.

Popsugar Must Have

How it works. Popsugar Must Have is a subscription box for $39.95/month. You can also choose a mini box, which costs $18.95/month. But you always get more than your money’s worth.

The September 2016 box has over $145 worth of goodies:

  • The Gluten Free Bites Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites ($5 value)
  • A Jack & Lucy Wide Brim Hat ($58 value)
  • NCLA Mani-ER Tool Kit ($16 value)
  • Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask ($36 value)
  • F’Lint Lint Roller ($10 value)
  • Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer in The Warning ($22 value)

Popsugar Must Have

Popsugar Must Have

Naturally, I ripped open the The Gluten Free Bites immediately and started munching. They are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and GMO free (heck yes.) They are insanely good! I already looked them up on Amazon and they come in other tasty flavors (PB+J, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut, uhhhh yum.)

I know the NCLA nail kit will come in handy for those times you desperately need scissors or a nail clipper. It’s also nice to have a set, because I feel like thorough the years I have a mish mash of random nail tools.

The Smith & Cult lip gloss looks insanely bright in the tube, but it is actually pretty sheer. It took me like 5 minutes to open the tube (it was screwed on SO tight for some reason!). But it feels really nice on my lips and has a sweet smell. It doesn’t tingle or anything, like some glosses these days. The label says it is gluten free, which is kind of cool and smart considering you basically eat whatever you put on our lips. Wearing it makes you look like you just ate a popsicle. In a good way.

Popsugar Must Have

The retractable Flint lint roller is kind of a weird thing to receive, but with everyone having pets these days it really is a necessary accessory. I buy lint rollers in bulk from Costco (#catsofglam), and I’ve never had one this chic.

The Jack & Lucy hat is super cool and chic. It is a simple black fedora, and totally necessary for effortlessly chic fall outfits. I already have a black hat that I love, but this one is a little bit of a different shape. It’s definitely too big for my head, but check out this sneaky trick I use to make my hats fit.


Popsugar Must Have

Finally, the Briogeo deep conditioning mask is probably something I should have bought months ago. I’ve been throwing my hair in messy buns and it is dry and angry with me lately, I’m going to treat my hair to this mask and give it some TLC this weekend!

Here’s a coupon code for $5 off your first #MustHaveBox!

Use code SHOP5 any time you want to try out a box! The code never expires!

Overall, this Popsugar Must Have Box was a winner. I really enjoyed the surprise and I really think I will use all of the products inside!


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10 Responses to Popsugar Must Have Box September 2016

  1. Dor Raha says:

    Neato! Was the Popsugar box invented to give help less mainstream brands break out?

  2. That mani kit is the ultimate! I am going to carry mine everywhere!


  3. Susan Rahamim says:

    that box is soo worth it! Many great things in it for a great price! Love it!

  4. THat looks like a great box. My cats like to get involved too . lol

  5. Moriah says:

    That’s awesome that they sent you gluten free snacks AND lip gloss! Did they ask you about dietary restrictions when you signed up?