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Venofye Queen Bee Skincare Review

We will do pretty much anything for our skin, right? Rub mud all over it, shave it, exfoliate with diamonds, and I even heard there is a slug facial lurking around somewhere.

But what if I told you that bee venom was the next revolutionary ingredient in skincare? The science behind it makes sense. And you can find that special golden ingredient in Venofye skincare.


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How To Professionally Whiten Your Teeth At Home With Smile Brilliant

So I admit, I’m spoiled. While growing up I always had free teeth cleanings and dental care because my uncle is a dentist (a fabulous one at that). Now that I’m not in Cleveland anymore, I find myself struggling to keep up with whitening.

To add, it is even more important to me because I have Glass of Glam and am in front of the camera all the time. So when Smile Brilliant contacted me to try their at home professional whitening kit, I was all about it.

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Weekly Refreshment: Serious Skincare Facial Gommage & Peel Review

I’m crazy about skincare. Actually, I’m serious about skincare.

Sidenote: I’m also serious about scrunchies. I took these photos while on vacation at my in-laws house and the only flowers they had to decorate a flatlay were in the pretty vintage sheets. I brought some scrunchies along (because I use them to put my hair up when I sleep – they don’t break my hair off like other ponytails) and they looked kind of like flowers to me. Haha.

Lifestyle Blogger Glass of Glam's review of the Serious Skincare Facial Peel and Gommage

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Weekly Refreshment: The 5th Rose Gold & Peach Watch

Happy February! Welcome to the month of hearts, lips, candy, and pink & red everything!

Even before the month of lovin’, everyone’s was talking about the color blush. Blush, rose gold, peach, whatever you want to call that delicious shade of pink. I am personally a fan of blush dresses (like in my birthday roundup), blush tops (ahem this blush bodysuit post) and blush sweaters (this one being a fave). Oh and don’t forget my entire post dedicated to blush! I think we’re all certifiably obsessed. In a good way.

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Weekly Refreshment: Challenge Your Views

Yesterday I mentioned that the weekend was draining. As most of you know, I live in DC, the epicenter of everything that was going on last weekend.

As I live within walking distance of the events, staying at home and hiding felt like a non-option. So on Friday, I attended the inauguration parade on Saturday the Women’s March.

That’s right, I went to BOTH. And I’ll tell you why.

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Weekly Refreshment: CoverGirl So Lashy! BlastPRO Mascara Review

I love trying out new beauty products! As someone who is always trying new things, it is hard for one product to really “stick.” Because if it doesn’t work well the first time, it’s always “on to the next one…”

And that is ESPECIALLY true with mascara.

CoverGirl SoLashy! BlastPRO Mascara


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Weekly Refreshment: Get Rid of Hair Super Fast With The Emjoi eRase Epilator

Talk about perfect timing. Right before I booked the cruise, I was offered to try out the Emjoi eRase epilator. And the story of what I did when it arrived is quite humorous, in my opinion.

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