Weekly Refreshment: Chatting With the Fam of Glam

I decided to start a new series titled “Real Talk with the Fam of Glam.” I am always trying to find topics that I think you would enjoy.

I was thinking about how I like reading articles that include multiple perspectives. Luckily, my family is full of perspectives and opinions that I find very entertaining. Each of us has our own style that is uncompromisingly different.

Weekly Refreshment: Real Talk with the Fam of Glam. What is Your Favorite Item of Clothing and Why?

For our first topic, I asked my Mom, Dad, brother, and sister to answer a simple question:

What is your favorite item of clothing and why?

Mom (Susan) Graphic Designer turned accountant, loves color and wine.

Something that makes me feel good when I wear them are my white capris. I bought them at Dillard’s and I like the way they fit really well. The fabric is a nice comfy/stretchy one and they are a bit shorter than my other capris which I think is a cool look. I rarely wear anything white because I tend to spill something on it immediately but I bought them as a treat to myself and I feel good and summery when I wear them. They go with everything and I like the contrast with a printed top.

Dad (Ezra) Israeli born, extremely handy, loves nature and pizza by the slice.

My favorite piece of clothing is a particular sports jacket that I have. It could be worn as a sports jacket or as an elegant jacket at the same time. It is soft, it fits me perfectly, and I believe that it makes me look very attractive. I can wear it with anything – any pants, even with shorts. I even forgot it in Israel one trip at my sister’s apartment, and she delivered it to my mother to keep it safe for me until my next visit a year later.

It’s very practical because I have pockets on the right, on the left, inside, on the front. And it reminds me of my Iraqi ancestors because they always wear a jacket over their clothes, no matter what. And when I’m among company, occasionally I take it off and give it to a woman that forgot her jacket and is too cold. So it comes in handy!

Brother (Dorian) 26, Computer Engineer and Economist, loves baking and Parkour.

This is a deceptively tricky question! I didn’t realize that I had any stylistic or sentimental attachment to my clothing, or even any attachment at all, until the moment that I tried to pick my favorite piece. My cookie monster shirt is both dashing and flattering to my manly figure, my fuzzy toe socks are fashionable and functional, and my pikachu underwear are stylish and breathable. But, since I’m backed into a corner here, I’ll claim my faded green American Eagle t-shirt with the two (unbuttoned) buttons on top as my favorite piece of clothing!

The material is soft? Maybe not, it’s a little rough, but it’s nice to touch. It has no annoying tag; the info is printed on the back. I like that the collar of the shirt is relaxed and open, nice and comfy. At this point, the shirt is all stretched out so that it hangs even more comfily than it did when I got it, like a nightshirt that you’re allowed to wear outside. And I do wear it to sleep, to fancy engagements, to work, and for daily debauchery.

It’s got some holes from my Parkour doings, which gives it character. The faded green goes with everything, or at least I wear it with everything. Also at least two other people have said that this shirt looks good on me, which is a rare compliment considering my often schlubbily arranged wardrobe, so I tend to agree with them!

Sister (Moriah) 23, recent college grad, moving to Brooklyn soon, vegetarian, loves all fruits and has traveled to more places than most.

I think my favorite piece of clothing has to be my bright red skinny jeans from H&M. I LOVE brightly colored jeans (I used to have a yellowish-goldish pair, also from H&M, that I loved so much that I wore a hole in the crotch and had to retire them). They’re high-wasted, so they’re perfect for tucking in a loose shirt or wearing with a crop top.

I like them because I can wear them with almost any shirt, patterned or solid, to any occasion as long as it’s not too formal, dress them up or down, and always stand out. Bright pants aren’t super common; I get a ton of compliments because that’s not the part of your body where people are usually expecting to see a big splash of solid color, so when people notice them they can’t help but say something. They’re just so funky and versatile and easy to wear! I probably wear these more than anything else in my closet, and I bought them for $20. Serious win for cost per wear!

Cool and interesting opinions, right? It seems like a favorite item combines functionality with comfort and also affords a lot of compliments! What’s your favorite piece of clothing?!


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7 Responses to Weekly Refreshment: Chatting With the Fam of Glam

  1. ADA says:

    I am a huge fan of this series so keep it up. All of your family members sound cool and stylish. I loved your dad’s thorough answer the most, followed closely by the answer your brother gave.

  2. Neslihan Bass says:

    Yummyyyy, looks so good! Have a nice time with your lovely family 🙂


  3. Mica says:

    Fun idea for a topic! It’s great getting so many different viewpoints and responses. It’s got me wondering what my favourite piece would be, if I had to pick just one!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Dor Raha says:

    That family seems to be a very intelligent and attractive bunch

  5. Grace says:

    ?? fam of glam!