Weekly Refreshment: What I Know About Essential Oils

If there’s one wellness trend that is certainly making moves, it is essential oils. You’ve probably seen them around or at least heard of someone on Facebook singing their praises. But how exactly do you get into it?

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's Young Living essential oil explanation.

Luckily, my good friend Tanya and I reconnected over the summer (after 10 years!) and she is a Young Living essential oils guru. When I showed an interest in learning more, she was kind enough to walk me through the learning process and endure all my annoying texts regarding symptoms and which oils work best. She also gives me fun freebies, which is always the best!

My initial knowledge of essential oils was extremely minimal. I thought that they were only used to diffuse in your house for yummy smells. But BOY was I wrong! They can be used for SO much more!

***Please beware that this is a pretty long post but I promise it is worth it!

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's Young Living essential oil explanation.

For Sleep And De-Stressing

Tanya initially recommended diffusing a combination of RC and Lavender when I was really sick and stuffed up after our summer trip to Nashville (which I renamed germ-ville fyi). Slowly and surely, I’ve been learning the benefits of essential oils for health, wellness, beauty, and home, to the point that I’ve been using them daily.

I noticed a difference in my sleep immediately when I started diffusing RC and Lavender. So much that I ordered a jumbo size Lavender oil.

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's Young Living essential oil explanation.

Stress Away makes me feel less hyper on those Monday mornings when I feel like my “to do” list is miles long. Sometimes I diffuse it and other times I roll some it straight onto my wrists and neck like a delicious perfume. the bottle is tiny so I can even throw it into my purse.

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's Young Living essential oil explanation.

For Digestion

I have frequent tummy aches, but oils have a solution for that, too. A couple drops of lemon or grapefruit oil in a glass of water each evening helps settle my stomach, and I usually wake up feeling less bloated and hungry for breakfast! Plus it tastes delicious. Just make sure you add it to a real glass and not a plastic cup, because the citrus oil will break down the plastic polymer and that’s not good for you. I blew through my first bottle of lemon oil, so I’m already on my second.

Digize is also a tummy-saving option. Diffuse some or tub it directly on your stomach for the soothing effects.

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's Young Living essential oil explanation.

For Household Use

Purification is just what it sounds like; a natural way to eliminate odors. Tanya told me a trick – put a few drops of purification inside the toilet paper roll for instant bathroom odor elimination! She also said you can put a few drops on a cotton ball and stick it in your car vent. I also like to diffuse some after I cook something garlicky or stinky. And of course – near the cat litter.

I put a couple drops of Purification in a water bottle and spritz on counters, as an air freshener, a few drops in the sink disposal, in with the detergent when washing workout clothes – I feel like I use this oil for so much!

Another great essential oil for cleaning is Thieves. Young Living actually has a whole line of Thieves cleaning products if you are interested in natural cleaning products.

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's Young Living essential oil explanation.

For Beauty & Wellness

I put a couple drops of Cedarwood oil in my favorite mascara to grow long and pretty lashes! So far it has been working really well!

Think of Panaway as your natural muscle easer. After a long workout I rub some of this on my tired muscles. It is also a nice headache-easer if you rub it on your temples (as is peppermint!) I also enjoy  putting it on my achy feet after a rough workout or when I’ve been wearing heels too long.

Frankincense is supposed to make your skin absolutely glow when you add a couple drops to your moisturizer. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard really great things.

Rumor has it that Ylang Ylang is a great sexy-time oil. It is supposed to boost libido. Here is a whole book on that if you’re looking for some knowledge on that subject.

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's Young Living essential oil explanation.

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's Young Living essential oil explanation.

Lingering Questions and Answers

What are My Favorite Oils?  My favorites are Lavender, RC, Stress-Away, Lemon, and Purification. I use those most often and have had to re-stock.

Should I Pay A Little More For Oils? Yeah, you can get oils at TJMaxx or on Amazon, but they aren’t the same. I did an experiment and purchased some essential oils from TJMaxx and actually had to return them because they were so watered down and did  absolutely nothing. The good companies do a wonderful job at distilling oils so that you really get a pure product.

It is also safe to ingest the higher quality oils. I wouldn’t feel good about putting any old lemon oil in my water.

How and Where Do I Get A Diffuser? There are a bunch to choose from on the website, or Tanya can help you decide which is best for you. I have the Young Living Home Diffuser which came with the Young Living starter kit.

What Oils Are Best For Preggos? I’m no expert, but Tanya swears by them for pregnancy. She as an 18 month old and is pregnant with her second! She said diffusing Peppermint is a godsend for morning sickness, and she loves Lemon or Digize for an upset tummy. Frankincense diluted with a carrier oil (like jojoba oil) will help reduce your chances of stretch marks!

Are Oils Safe For Kids? Yes, as long as they are diluted with a carrier oil (coconut, avocado, or jojoba oil seem to be the most popular ones) or diffused. Make sure you do your research! You can diffuse Thieves for an immunity boost, or switch to Eucalyptus if someone does get sick. Rub diluted Copaiba on gums for a teething life saver. Diffuse Gentle Baby or Lavender in their room for sound sleep. These little oils are a mom’s best arsenal.

What About Pets? I’m really not sure. I read that one women used a couple drops of Frankincense in her dog’s water to help relieve kidney problems. Like I said earlier, make sure you do your research! I haven’t used any on my cats but they seem to mellow out when I diffuse lavender.

Will My Husband/Boyfriend Think I Am Weird? Maybe. But when you rub Panaway on his tired feet he will forget that.

But can I get freebies? Yes! The freebie this month is the Christmas Spirit oil. I haven’t tried it yet, but by the looks of  people freaking out on social media, it is a winner. Plus, Tanya sends fun little gifts from time to time.

Feel free to reach out to Tanya, or visit the Young Living Website for more info. There is also a private “Drop A Day” Facebook Page that you can request to join if you decide to try out some oils. I love it for ideas and asking questions about oils!


Currently Sipping: Lemon Oil tea

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11 Responses to Weekly Refreshment: What I Know About Essential Oils

  1. I had no clue essential oils have so many uses in our daily lifestyle! Thank you for sharing a detailed post about it 🙂


  2. Brooke says:

    My mom swears by essential oils. She says peppermint takes her headaches away. I should give them a try!

    pumps and push-ups

  3. Len Parent says:

    Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing! Love this!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Much love, Len

  4. Susan Rahamim says:

    wow- what an interesting read- I’m definitely going to try them!

  5. Lauren says:

    We swear by essential oils for so much and have even replaced our baby wipes with the Young Living ones! Yes, for our baby, but I actually use them for myself to take my makeup off and they smell amazing! Oils, toothpaste, household cleaner, beauty products, we’ve kind of gone all in haha!

  6. jodie says:

    My cousin has started selling these and swears by them too!! I’ll have to pick her brain and try a couple myself!! I’m always open to methods that don’t involve a pill or surgery!!

  7. Falasha says:

    Great post, I used a lot of essential oils while I was pregnant to calm my son when he was moving a lot.
    xoxo Falasha
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