Grapefruit Mimosa: Easy Romper

This weekend was basically perfect. It was jam-packed and the apartment is an absolute tornado mess, but I had so much fun celebrating husband of glam’s birthday that I’m letting all that go.

Easy Romper | Glass of Glam



Easy Romper | Glass of Glam

Easy Romper | Glass of Glam

Easy Romper | Glass of Glam

Easy Romper | Glass of Glam

Easy Romper | Glass of Glam

Did you guys tape any of the Disney channel original movies that were on Memorial day weekend? Well the husb taped a BUNCH so they’ve been on our TV nonstop. It is so nostalgic to watch them! I remember waiting eagerly on a Friday night when the Disney Channel was releasing a new movie. My favorites have been Johnny Tsunami and Brink. The acting is so bad but the movies are still so good.

Let’s talk about the outfit. We went on a segway tour this weekend, aptly called “Segs in the City” because that’s what Dan requested for his birthday. It was SO FUN we were grinning like idiots the whole time. Even though we live in DC and have seen the hotspots, it was a blast to cruise around town on a segway. I highly recommend it.

A romper was a perfect outfit for zipping around town. It is easy, light, and lets you get away with wearing a print on the top and bottom. It is a little bit of a pain to pee, but its not a deal-breaker for me.

I got my romper at Target a couple years ago. But check out all the cute one’s they have now! I also love this one with the little pom poms on the hem. And if you like pom poms, this one with the rainbow poms is a MUST see!

I hope you have the best Monday as feasibly possible! I’m trying to start this week on a positive note!

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3 Responses to Grapefruit Mimosa: Easy Romper

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  2. I really need a rompers, I don’t have a single one!

  3. Moriah says:

    I love rompers! easy and simple to wear like a dress, but without restricting any range of motion or any stress about length!! The Segway tour sounds amazing. Happy birthday husband of glam!