How To Professionally Whiten Your Teeth At Home With Smile Brilliant

So I admit, I’m spoiled. While growing up I always had free teeth cleanings and dental care because my uncle is a dentist (a fabulous one at that). Now that I’m not in Cleveland anymore, I find myself struggling to keep up with whitening.

To add, it is even more important to me because I have Glass of Glam and am in front of the camera all the time. So when Smile Brilliant contacted me to try their at home professional whitening kit, I was all about it.

Why I Needed To Whiten

I’m a repeat offender when it comes to teeth staining. I love coffee, tea, AND red wine. So I need all the help that I can get. I am in front of the camera all the time and I don’t want you guys to have to endure gnarly teeth.


How Does Smile Brilliant Work?

Smile Brilliant creates custom trays from impressions that you make at home on your couch. As you can see, we had fun with this part. You send the impressions off to the lab in a prepaid mailing pouch.

Once you receive your custom trays, you put the whitening gel in the trays with a pre-filled syringe. It’s not like the whitestrips or the ones where you have to bite down on the UV light for 10 minutes while you’re drooling everywhere. There is a little drool involved in making the impressions (I won’t lie) but it is a short process that you only have to deal with once.



I chose to whiten while running on the treadmill or working on my blog in the evenings. The gel has to sit for 1-3 hours to really work, so a workout or intense blogging sesh was the perfect time where I wouldn’t be tempted to eat or drink anything.


Some Whitening Tips and Tricks

My teeth are really sensitive. I use special toothpaste and get a ‘zing’ whenever I drink really cold beverages. The kit comes with a desensitizing gel that you wear for 15 minutes after each treatment. It worked really well for me, as my teeth felt totally fine.

Some days when I wore the trays for longer, my teeth would look a little splotchy. Don’t be alarmed, though. This is just a dehydration of the teeth, which goes away quickly.  You can learn more about the technicalities of that phenomenon here.

Finally, giving up coffee and wine is not a realistic option for me. I learned that if I rinse my mouth after staining beverages, my whitening will stay intact.


Whitening Results

You can see my before and after pictures after using the kit for about a week. I must admit I didn’t use it religiously every single day for the entire week. If I did, I think my results would have been as good as this girl’s. But I definitely see less stains and a generally brighter appearance to my teeth.

I still have a good amount of gel left, so I am going to keep whitening! And once I run out, i will definitely be ordering more. For the price and extreme convenience, Smile Brilliant is definitely my top choice for professional teeth whitening at home!

Smile Brilliant Before and After


Smile Brilliant is so super generous. You could WIN your own at home teeth whitening kit by filling out the form below:


Smile Brilliant is offering 5% off towards your very own whitening kit! Use code glassofglam5


Currently Sipping: Nada.  I’m whitening!

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12 Responses to How To Professionally Whiten Your Teeth At Home With Smile Brilliant

  1. great review! I had a bit of the sensitivity trouble too. but the kit works pretty well!!! 🙂

  2. Susan Rahamim says:

    Good Review. It looks like a good option for home teeth whitening.

  3. You have a great smile. I have never whitened my teeth but my wine and coffee drinking self thinks I totally should!

  4. Your smile looks great 🙂 Love this product looks amazing 🙂

  5. I am always looking for whitening products. Your smile looks great!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. Alissa says:

    I’ve seen so many of you ladies try this and I want to use it so badly! It seems so easy and less sensitive than the strips, which I usually use. Your results are amazing!