Help! I Love a Good Matte Lipstick Color But My Lips Are Dry

You see that girl walking down the street with her blonde roast coffee and perfect hair and nine times out of ten she is probably wearing a matte lip color. How on earth do her lips look so good!? Let’s talk about achieving some lipstick goalz.

I love a good matte lip color as much as the next girl, but my lips are really dry, especially now that the weather is flip flopping. Unfortunately, my beloved matte lipsticks tend to look a bit lumpy as the lipstick sticks to the dry patches. And by the end of the day it just looks…crusty. How can we avoid this? ALSO keep reading until the end for a giveaway!!!

Clinique lipsticks are the best for finding the perfect "your lips but better" shade. Via - Clinique Matte Lip Color  by popular Chicago style blogger Glass of Glam

Clinique Matte Lip Color  by popular Chicago style blogger Glass of Glam
Exfoliate Your Lips

There are a few different methods, but my favorite is by using a sugar scrub. My favorite one is by Lush and tastes like bubble gum.  sometimes I keep it in the shower so that I remember to use it. You can also use a soft toothbrush to buff your lips, or create your own lip scrub! There are a bunch of recipes all compiled here; mint chocolate coffee and pumpkin pie sound amazing.

Clinique Matte Lip Color  by popular Chicago style blogger Glass of Glam

Moisturize A Lot

When you wake up, when you go to bed, and throughout the day. Especially on your lipstick-free days. I highly recommend Dr. Lipp (I put it on my cuticles and dry patches, too). Regular old vaseline works wonders and lasts forever, and Malin + Goetz Mojito lip balm is one of my faves. I won’t lie, I’m low key obsessed with the chapstick that tastes like cake batter, although it isn’t as moisturizing as other options.

When I’m planning to wear a matte lip color that day, I slather on lip balm right out of the shower and leave it on while I put on the rest of my makeup. Once my lips have had some time to absorb the moisture, I wipe off most of the balm, then apply the lipstick.

Clinique Matte Lip Color  by popular Chicago style blogger Glass of Glam

Pick A High Quality Brand

This part is easy. If you pick a crappy formula lipstick, your lips are going to look like sh*t. However, the best formula isn’t necessarily the fancy expensive one. I’ve tried tons of lipsticks, and some of my favorites are the $1 ones from Wet and Wild that don’t even have names (just numbers, haha!) Some of my absolute favorites are the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams the new NYX Powder Puff Lippies. (Cannes, Stockholm, and Squad Goals are my favorites.)

On a higher end, you guys know I love the Stila Liquid Lipsticks. My most worn colors are Patina and Aria (see me wearing them here and here). I’m also really loving the Grande Cosmetics plumping lip colors. Desert peak is absolutely the most perfect pinky-nude lip color you will EVER find. it wears beautifully (I have it on in the pic below, and in the photo below that I’m wearing strawberry rhubarb).

Clinique Matte Lip Color  by popular Chicago style blogger Glass of Glam

Clinique Matte Lip Color  by popular Chicago style blogger Glass of Glam

Shade Matters

It is true. If the matte lip color is a lot lighter than your natural lip color, then it can tend to look chalky and settle into the lines of your lips. On the flip side, I personally have trouble wearing colors that are too dark when my lips aren’t properly exfoliated. Picking a shade that is closer to your lip color is your best bet. For me that means pinky nudes like Desert Peak, Cannes, and Patina.


When in Doubt, Gloss

It isn’t the end of all that is sacred and holy in beauty if your matte lip color just ain’t cutting it today. Bring a clear gloss to put on, or just swipe your trusty lip balm on top to add some moisture. It is okay to wear a glossy lip, even if it isn’t the hottest trend right now. Feeling confident in the color and look you choose is more important than following some Kardashian-inspired trend. Pick a look, own it, and rock it. Your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend is probably going to kiss it off anyway, so don’t take it so seriously 🙂


As a thank-you to my readers for being amazing, and to help you achieve your lipstick goals, I’m giving away Some Dr. Lipp, my favorite multi-purpose lip moisturizer, to 3 readers! The winners will each get 2, one for you and one for a friend! Follow the steps below to enter:

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  1. That”s so awesome that you got to meet your favourite figure skater! I don”t really follow the sport but it is definitely a beautiful one! That lipstick shade is gorgeous, I”ve never tried any lipstick by MAC but I”ve heard their lipsticks are very well-received, maybe I should start with that one.

  2. Jessica says:

    These are really handy tips dear. Thanks for sharing! I love matte lipsticks too, they look amazing, especially in photos.

    Jessica |

  3. Amy says:

    Great tips! I really prefer using the stains than the traditional lipsticks.

  4. Gwendolyn Jordan says:


  5. Elaine says:

    I love the matte lipsticks because they stay on forever. I’m using Julep, in the color, Berry. Love it! So nice of you to do a Giveaway.

  6. Great colour! Also love your earrings!

  7. Meghan Grace says:

    Great post! I too still love the glossy lip and haven’t gotten used to the matte. Probably because my lips don’t look great. I need to exfoliate! Thanks for the tips!

  8. Brooke says:

    I need some serious help! I have to admit that I almost always feel awkward with matte lipstick on, but I love the way it looks!!! Need to try your tips.

    pumps and push-ups

  9. jodie filogomo says:

    I have a hard time with matte lipsticks only because I think I’m addicted to glossiness….LOL!
    But I did just try a new NYX sample that they sent me, and it was great (for 15 minutes—we will see how I like it for all day today!)
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  10. Susan Rahamim says:

    This is great advice! Your lips look amazing!