Stuff I Think You Should Know About NYFW

Since this was my second time attending New York Fashion Week, I learned a few things! If you want to be prepared, or just want to know the real deal, then here is my best advice.

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's tips about New York Fashion Week



Photography by Preethi Rajaguru

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's tips about New York Fashion Week Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's tips about New York Fashion Week Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's tips about New York Fashion Week Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's tips about New York Fashion Week Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's tips about New York Fashion Week Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's tips about New York Fashion Week Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam's tips about New York Fashion Week

  1. You have to start emailing for invite requests as soon as the schedule comes out. Email everyone and anyone, but be prepared for zero responses and follow up emails. Fashion week is a hot mess, and for some reason coordinating invites is the last thing on everyone’s mind.
  2. Just because you get invited a show, doesn’t mean that you will actually get in. Make sure you get in line for the show an hour ahead of time, especially if you have a standing ticket. There have been multiple occasions where we were turned away because they ran out of standing room.
  3. If you get invited to something and the rest of your crew doesn’t, use your superpowers to get them an invite too. Even if it is a “lesser” ticket like standing room versus a seat or some bullshit distinction, it is very important to try to make it happen for your friends. On the flip side, don’t feel like you an’t go to something that would be life changing if your friends are not extended an invite. They will just go drink pitchers of margarita and have a jolly good time until you’re done. I know from experience.
  4. Don’t schedule yourself back to back. You simply will not make it. Traffic in NYC is really bad, and shows/appointments never start on time. It is better to take your time and enjoy where you at rather than be rushing off to the next thing. Quality over quantity. I remember we were wandering around looking for the BaubleBar HQ foreverrr so thank goodness we didn’t schedule anything right after our appointment.
  5. Book your hotel way in advance. Luckily, my friend had a hotel booked far in advance so we squeezed three women in there. If she hadn’t done that then, well, I would have been screwed. We had a queen bed and a twin sized blow up mattress. One bathroom, three fashionistas. We are all quite close.
  6. Water and snacks! Despite not scheduling yourself silly, you won’t have time to eat until maybe 10pm every day. Bring yourself some nuts or a bar and water. Lots of water. Reservations aren’t necessary unless you are trying to go somewhere really exclusive and trendy.
  7. Enjoy the people watching. One of my favorite parts of NYFW is seeing what everyone else is wearing to the shows! It is inspiring. If you have down time (which you will when you are waiting in line to get in) then find yourself a good spot and enjoy the street style!
  8. Bring business cards. You never know who you might meet. Side story: we ran into Christian Soriano outside of our hotel and were so star-struck that we didn’t even take a photo with him. Totally kicking ourselves now.
  9. If you know of a brand that has their headquarters or an office in the city, make an appointment to visit! It is nice to meet a contact that you have been emailing with for years in person. Putting a face to the name is important for your relationship.
  10. Meet up with other bloggers. I have strong friendships with some ladies on Instagram even though I’ve never met them in person. If they are going to be in the same city, then make a date to meet up! I met my friend Jessica for the first time in the flesh and we had the best time at Pietro Nolita. Funny: the napkins say “pink as fuck.”
  11. Take some fashion shots. I you’re gonna get all dolled up for shows and wear a killer outfit, then you might as well memorialize it for your blog! There are tons of photographers in NYC so book one you love or bring your camera!

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25 Responses to Stuff I Think You Should Know About NYFW

  1. The clothes you share here look very comfortable. This offers a good choice for an outgoing game.

  2. Emma Peach says:

    Great advice! I’ve never attended a fashion week but it sounds exhausting. I was hoping to go to London this year but my husband was working so I was stuck for childcare. Never mind, hopefully next year! Thanks for linking up 🙂

    Emma xxx

  3. Jill says:

    I hope to go to NYFW one day! Your tips are really helpful! Haha! I laughed when I saw the message on the napkins!

    Doused in Pink

  4. Jessica says:

    This is such a nice read babe, I learned a lot of things I didnt really knew before, like getting in line an hour before the show starts, despite of having an invite. That’s something I would really take note. By the way, cute jacket!

    Jessica |

  5. I love it that you wore sneakers to Fashion Week! You look comfy and stylish 🙂

  6. Mary Leigh says:

    These are all really great tips. NYFW isn’t on my list to visit really, but I LOVE your outfit. The sneakers and the jacket are SO fun and the jeans look so polished and comfortable!

  7. Laura says:

    I’d love to go to NYFW one year! It seems like such a great experience. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  8. Susan Rahamim says:

    Good Tips! Sounds like it was a lot of fun! How cool running into Christian Soriano!

  9. Edwige says:

    Love that bomber! You look great!

    Edwige |

  10. michelle says:

    Love your jacket! Hope you had a fun week!!

  11. Rox-Anne says:

    Love this recap and the tips sound like they are spot on! I’ve never been to NYFW but I’ve been to the Toronto Fashion Week and it was a hot mess or chaos. I did bring water but I didn’t bring snacks and apparently models don’t eat so there is never any food around! Ha! So glad you enjoyed yourself, I loved following along on your IG Stories! xx Rox-AnneCelebrating This Life

    • Roxanne says:

      Thank you, Rox-Anne! Toronto Fashion Week sounds really fun! The amount of snacks we could really fit in our bags was minimal, so we were just kinda hungry all day. Or alternatively we were fed by FASHION lol.

  12. Kris says:

    This was such an insightful post! I love your outfit and I think it’s super important not to overbook yourself!

    Have a lovely day!
    xx Kris

  13. jodie says:

    This really looks like you had a blast, Roxanne!!
    We used to visit NYC every Labor Day weekend, and I fell in love with the city! Needless to say, my husband was not enamored enough to move there—but that’s probably all for the better…ha ha!!