Druzy Dreaming – My Current Favorite Stone Jewelry

Druzy Dreaming

Geodes are so fascinating. The fact that these beauties begin as mud bubbles that transform over time into beautiful gems is mystifying.

I love all the beautiful Druzy gems that I’ve been seeing. They are simple, but so mezmerizing that they immediately spice up any simple outfit.  I especially love the rougher hewn ones, as they add texture and interest.

While the Druzy comes in so many colors, I especially love the darker, rich pieces. I picked up this necklace for under $8 and I want to add these stunners and this gorgeous bracelet to my jewelry collection.

Here are my favorite Druzy picks:

Are you loving druzy as much as I am? Which one is your favorite?

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2 Responses to Druzy Dreaming – My Current Favorite Stone Jewelry

  1. Dorian says:

    The greyish circley one in the middle has my vote! There’s lots of stuff in the world with great colors, but I think that it’s rare to find something thats dark and brilliant at the same time.