My Baublebar Sale Picks

A good piece of statement jewelry can make an outfit shine.  I don’t really understand the dainty jewelry trend going on right now. I like dainty jewelry, but if you are going to purchase something over $5 it should be special. And if you’re going to wear jewelry at all, then WEAR IT!

baublebar sale picksSol Ring; Clara Tassel Earrings; Showgirl Fringe; Grenada Tassel Strands; Mystic Opal Amulet

Baublebar is one of my favorite jewelry brands. They are having a great sale right now on some of their most popular pieces, and these are my five favorites.

I have a necklace similar to the showgirl fringe (I wore it in this post) and I always receive compliments when I wear it. The beaded tassel earrings are so gorgeous! I would wear them with a black or gray dress, as I would want them to be the focal point of my outfit.

The druzy ring is such a unique shape. I must have missed this one when I wrote about my favorite druzy pieces in this post.

The mystic opal amulet truly lives up to its name. The iridescent stone on the center is perfect, because it morphs to match any color you choose to wear.

Finally, the tassel strands necklace (on sale for $28) is everything I want in a necklace. A little boho, and totally unique and festive. It comes in multiple colors, but I personally prefer the red and gold.

Go check out the sale for yourself!


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One Response to My Baublebar Sale Picks

  1. I tend to gravitate towards dainty jewelry but I agree that I’m likely to spend more money on jewelry that makes a statement, like the fun tassel necklace!