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Help! I Love a Good Matte Lipstick Color But My Lips Are Dry

You see that girl walking down the street with her blonde roast coffee and perfect hair and nine times out of ten she is probably wearing a matte lip color. How on earth do her lips look so good!? Let’s talk about achieving some lipstick goalz.

I love a good matte lip color as much as the next girl, but my lips are really dry, especially now that the weather is flip flopping. Unfortunately, my beloved matte lipsticks tend to look a bit lumpy as the lipstick sticks to the dry patches. And by the end of the day it just looks…crusty. How can we avoid this? ALSO keep reading until the end for a giveaway!!!

Clinique lipsticks are the best for finding the perfect "your lips but better" shade. Via - Clinique Matte Lip Color  by popular Chicago style blogger Glass of Glam

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At Home Lip Plumping With The PMD Kiss

So everyone wants those kissable pillow lips, amirite? But lip fillers are SUPER expensive and the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” is totally unsafe. I’m happy to report that there is another option out there called the PMD Kiss.

The PMD Kiss is a little device that creates small vacuum pulses on your lips to temporarily plump them up. I gave it a whirl and here are my thoughts!

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Weekly Refreshment: My Favorite Lipsticks Of All Time

If I’m late for an event, it’s likely because I’m running around my apartment like a crazy person looking for my favorite lipstick. One that I have probably misplaced, yet again. It’s likely that you have seen me wear a lot of these lipsticks on the blog, because they are my go-to shades for every situation.

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What’s In My Dagne Dover Makeup Pouch

Want to see how much make up I can fit in my Dagne Dover Lola pouch?

I haven’t done a beauty post in awhile, so I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my absolute favorite makeup products right now.

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Weekly Refreshment: CoverGirl So Lashy! BlastPRO Mascara Review

I love trying out new beauty products! As someone who is always trying new things, it is hard for one product to really “stick.” Because if it doesn’t work well the first time, it’s always “on to the next one…”

And that is ESPECIALLY true with mascara.

CoverGirl SoLashy! BlastPRO Mascara


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Weekly Refreshment: Currently Loving Clinique Lipstick

I think the Clinique brand gets an undeserved reputation for being…for the older ladies. I rarely see a blogger or beauty you-tuber who is extremely enthusiastic about THE NEW CLINIQUE THING ZOOOOOMG. But I’m over here with this little secret, because I confess, I love Clinique lipsticks.

Clinique lipsticks are the best for finding the perfect "your lips but better" shade. Via

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Morning Coffee: A 7 Minute Makeup Routine

I usually do a style post on Tuesdays. Dan and I shot several looks this weekend, aaaaaand in true form I hated how they all turned out. I just wasn’t feeling the outfits, and I refuse to post a look that I don’t truly believe in. So today I’m switching it up and sharing my current 7-minute makeup routine.

My friends who have seen my makeup collection are probably confused at how I narrowed it down to these specific products. I don’t use these exact products every single time I do my makeup, but they are my go-to never fail products that I know I can rely on in a pinch. Which is why they’ve made the cut into my 7 minute morning makeup routine.

Glass of Glam - 7 minute makeup routine

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