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A Crop Top Pep Talk

Guys. This weekend was awesome. It was gorgeous out and I watched a lot of baseball. Gooo Tribe! And Happy Halloween to those who like you dress up and celebrate. I’m not one of those people.

These photos are from a photo shoot with the talented Emma Weiss. I had such a hard time deciding which ones to share!


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Friday Fizz: Warm and Cozy Under $25

It’s finally cozy knit weather! I makes me want to just cuddle up on the sofa and drink (spiked) mulled apple cider and watch the Americans. (Read: I like a bit of fireball in mine, its delish.)

In honor of it being officially fall weather, here are some cozy fall sweaters, ponchos, and a scarf, all under $25.

Friday Fizz Warm and Cozy from Rosegal

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Chocolate Martini: All Black in Hershey PA

These photos are from back when we were in Hershey.  I packed all black, beige, and white to keep it simple, and added a printed scarf for a little fun. I rarely pack more than 2 pairs of jeans for a weekend trip. Typically I’ll bring a black pair (styled for a date night here…I know I’m obsessed) and a regular jean.

I thought that I lost my notes from my facial in the move, but I JUST found them! Hooray! So now I can do a detailed report on the Hershey Chocolate facial! Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks!

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Blazing White for Date Night and Accessorizing with Zaful

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We spent the weekend assembling the two sofas and a desk we picked up from IKEA. The new furniture is perfect for our new apartment and makes it feel so cozy.

In other news, we’ve been thrilled that the Indians are going to the WORLD SERIES! We are originally from Cleveland and are life long fans.

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Friday Fizz: Green Tea Inspired

While unpacking this week I noticed that we have an ungodly amount of tea. It’s like, unnatural and ridiculous. So I am vowing to drink more tea this year, in an effort to pare down our collection. Plus, tea is really healthy for you.

Today’s post is inspired by all the frickin tea. Green tea, to be exact.

Friday Fizz Green Tea Inspired

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B-52 Bomber

What’s a B-52 ? It is a bomber jet. It’s also a layered cocktail/shot with coffee liquor (Kahlua is my fave), Irish cream (Baileys) and triple sec (orange liqueur like Grand Marnier or Cointreau). It is also really tasty in coffee as an after dinner treat.

Sometimes my post titles can be cheesy, but I just had to do it for this one. And now I will forever associate a bomber jacket with a B-52 cocktail.

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Weekly Refreshment: Moving and Grooving

Moving is always way crazier than I think it is going to be. Reserving elevators, having boxes for random things, sequestering cats so they don’t run out the door. There are a lot of things to think about.

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