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Rose Striped Organza Dress & Wedding Guest Mishaps

I wore this pretty rose striped organza dress to my friend’s wedding in Grand Rapids last weekend. It monsooned, so I didn’t get a chance to snap outfit photos at the actual time of the event. Since I received so many compliments on the dress last weekend I put it back on to share with you.Rose Candy Stripe Dress

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Burgundy Floral Romper and How to Survive the Heat

Although I may have Israeli blood, and I’ve had 28 years on this earth, the heat still gets to me like any other human being. As I imagine most of you are like me, staying inside in the air conditioning is not an option when there is so much to do and people to see!

Today, let’s talk about ways to survive the heat. Because it doesn’t seem like the heat is going to break any time soon. Deal with it, or be miserable, right?

Burgundy Floral Romper | Glass of Glam

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How to De Bloat and Reset

Summer weekends are the best. Traveling to see friends for weddings, drinking at the pool, eating delicious brunches, you name it. But sometimes I go a little to far and the overindulging makes me feel like a bloated balloon that could propel itself to the moon (TMI? sorry.)

As I am getting older I am a lot more in tune with my body. From my years of weekend eating, diet-book reading (it is a bizarre hobby of mine) and personal experience, I’ve figured out some tried and true ways to beat your bloat. Maybe you didn’t drink enough water, didn’t eat enough greens, not enough sleep, too much alcohol, or didn’t take the time to “go.”

When I find myself in a pinch, these are the bloat beating tips that work for me.

How to Beat Bloat | Glass of Glam

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Friday Fizz: Summer Fragrance Hits and a Miss

Fragrances have a mysterious ability to bring you back in time to a moment, a person, or a specific era of your life. I like how just a sniff can make you have a feeling.

The fact that a scent can signify summer or winter or fall is also something that intrigues me. Like when the “winter” candles come out at Bath and Body Works in scents such as “morning snow” or like…”reindeer forest.” I’m not sure what the heck that is supposed to smell like, but the chemists in that lab sure do it right.

Today’s Friday Fizz chronicles my favorite summer scents. I don’t exclusively wear these in the summer, but they somehow remind me of long days and sweet memories.

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Protein Shake: On Working Out Lately and Printed Pants Repeat

Is it against the rules to repeat an outfit on a blog? The last time I wore these printed pants was back in February, so if you are new here you probably don’t remember. Heck, there are so many outfits on here that even if you’ve been with me since the beginning, you probably still don’t remember.

Have no fear. I like this outfit because it is comfy so you get to see it again! Now with blonder hair and a new backdrop. And a new outlook on working out.

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High C: A Floral Romper at the Union Market Murals

 This was such a fun photo shoot with Dani of Blonde in the District. On our way to an event, we met up at Union Market to caffeinate and take some photos by the cool murals in the area.

Floral Jumpsuit

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Friday Fizz: #NSale Beauty Picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale ends on August 8th and prices go up. Sad sad sad face. So this week’s Friday Fizz is my last installment of the #NSale, solely dedicated to the Nordstrom Beauty deals.


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