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Weekly Refreshment: Chatting With the Fam of Glam

I decided to start a new series titled “Real Talk with the Fam of Glam.” I am always trying to find topics that I think you would enjoy.

I was thinking about how I like reading articles that include multiple perspectives. Luckily, my family is full of perspectives and opinions that I find very entertaining. Each of us has our own style that is uncompromisingly different.

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Red Stripe: A Colorful Shift Dress & Some Work Options

I wore this fun striped shift dress to work, then straight to an after work event. If it isn’t obvious to you by now, I love shift dresses for work. See here, here, and here for some work wear inspiration.

A Red and White Shift Dress Shein Belted and a Selection of Affordable Shift Dresses for Work via a style and beauty blog featuring affordable fashion


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Friday Fizz: Chic and Trendy Finds for Under $50

Let’s face it, I like a bargain. Even when I’ve found something trendy I really like for, let’s say $100, I go hunting for a similar item at an even lower price. It is fun to me, like a challenge. Over the years I’ve been honing my skills and getting even better at finding the best deal.

For you budget babes who love  to find trendy pieces at a bargain, I’ve compiled some chic finds for under $50 from some of my favorite retailers. There isn’t a real “theme” to this collage other than that they are all things I am super excited about.

friday fizz chic under 50 numbers

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Eyelet Little White Dress & Thursday Moda Link-Up!

Good morning! That’s what I said when we woke up early to shoot photos of this white eyelet dress. I committed to having these photos up by today, so here they are!

We had to dodge a lot of rush hour foot traffic to find a quiet spot, but we managed to make it work.


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Weekly Refreshment: Currently Loving Clinique Lipstick

I think the Clinique brand gets an undeserved reputation for being…for the older ladies. I rarely see a blogger or beauty you-tuber who is extremely enthusiastic about THE NEW CLINIQUE THING ZOOOOOMG. But I’m over here with this little secret, because I confess, I love Clinique lipsticks.

Clinique lipsticks are the best for finding the perfect "your lips but better" shade. Via

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DC Restaurant Week at Floriana – Burgundy Midi Skirt

Restaurant week is a great opportunity to try a restaurant that might normally be out of your price range or a dish that you would not usually get. DC’s impressive list of participating restaurants was so intimidating! When my friend Vivi asked if I wanted in on a group dinner, I was relieved that she, a DC native, chose the restaurant instead of me.

She chose Floriana, an Italian spot in Dupont Circle. In true blogger fashion, we took some shots of my burgundy and white ensemble before dinner. Thank you Dani for taking these photos!

Floriana DC Restaurant Week Burgundy Midi Skirt | Glass of Glam

Floriana DC Restaurant Week Burgundy Midi Skirt | Glass of Glam

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Friday Fizz: Delicious and Affordable Summer Wines

Wine is my go-to summer beverage. Not an ice cold beer (sorry Zac Brown Band and Brad Paisley and virtually every country music singer). Not a margarita, or a daiquiri. WINE!


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