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Coconut Lime Refresher: Distressed Shorts and an Oversized Tunic

A word about my outfits. I love style, but sometimes talking about off the shoulder tops and flowy dresses and distressed shorts can get repetitive and I feel like everyone does that.  I don’t want to just be another blogger who is like “look at this, look at that” because frankly, I’m running out of adjectives for “amazing’ and “stylish.” I think if you are like me, you enjoy looking at pretty pictures and getting style ideas, but would rather read about the writer’s (i.e. MY) life and opinions!

So we’re going to try that in the upcoming posts, mmkay?

Distressed Denim and Blue OTS Tunic | Glass of Glam

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Friday Fizz: Nordstrom Sale Early Access Stock Up!

IT’S HERE! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! This sale is the biggest and bestest sale of the year. As I mentioned yesterday, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is incredible because all the NEW fall items are marked down for a limited time.

Friday Fizz Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access

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Secret Pink Drink: Neon Casual and #NSale Early Access Begins!

Have you guys tried the Starbucks secret pink drink? Well, I’m basic so I had to try it. Let me tell you, it is delicious!

Pink Drink | Glass of Glam

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Rusty Nail: Suede Scalloped Mini and Amazon Prime Day

I’m reading Angels and Demons, after already seeing the movie. The husband swore that the book is better than the movie, if that is even POSSIBLE because the movie is so good. But, he is right again. The book is phenomenal. I’m actually kind of embarrassed that I’m so late to reading the book.

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Tequila Sunrise: Red Off the Shoulder Dress

I love that off the shoulder tops and dresses are in style now because they are so flattering on everyone.  It is truly rare that someone hates their shoulders, no matter what your age or body type. Any universally flattering trend is ay-okay in my book! I just ADORE the color red, all year long!

Red Off Shoulder Dress | Glass of Glam

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Friday Fizz: Wear to Work Under 100

TGIF! Seriously guys. Even though we had Monday off this week was still a struggle. My butt is flatter just from all the sitting and clicking. I’m really looking forward to being in DC this weekend and spending time with kitties, the husband, and friends.

I sometimes struggle with what to wear to work. I’ve worked in so many different environments, form ultra conservative to more casual, that sometimes I get confused. Plus, what does “wear to work” mean anyway!? I think when people say that they mean professional attire.

But professional attire is different whether you are a teacher, lawyer, or in PR. Today, I attempted to provide a variety of work wear options on the more conservative side. I think it is better to have some good solid basics in your closet to wear to work, like black or navy pants, a plain blazer, a solid color dress, and a pair of neutral wedges. Once you are set with those, you can spice it up with some fun jewelry or a scarf depending on the day.

Simply click on the item in the collage to shop!

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Michelada: Floral Maxi Dress

It has been a week since our vacation ended. Sad sad saddest face. I can already feel my tan fading by the minute. Sitting in the office at work, my tan is basically the only evidence that I even went on vacation, except for these fab photos, and my memories. Oh, and the sand that is still stuck in my ear buds. It makes me smile.

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