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Coconut Milk: A Little White Dress

This dress makes me feel pretty and springy. It’s no surprise that I love a crisp white as a palette for adding my own flair. So when SheIn reached out to me to pick an item to style for you guys, I instantly gravitated towards this little white dress.


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Weekly Refreshment: Baublebar Sale Alert

I haven’t done a Baublebar favorites in awhile! This is perfect timing, because they are having their stock up sale right now! You can get 20% off one item with code STOCKUP20, 25% off two items with code STOCKUP25, or 30% off three items with code STOCKUP30.

Scroll through the slideshow to see my picks, and click on the photos if you want to shop. Or just enjoy the commentary.

It is seriously an amazing deal, because Baublebar is such great quality and their customer service is unmatched. Plus, shipping is free. I hate paying for shipping. Oh and every piece of jewelry comes with a pretty little cloth bag for travel and protection. I just bought this necklace and it came with this one for free, because they were running some other promotion at the time.

Sorry the slideshow is so small. When I tried to make it bigger the pictures looked all blurry and weird! But you can click on the pics if you want to see them all big and beautiful on the Baublebar website.

Let me know which one is you fave in the comments! I obviously love the tortoise necklace (I mentioned how much I wanted it in this post) and my second favorite would probably have to be the seaglass bib.

The sale goes until May 23rd so you have through the weekend to browse Baublebar’s large selection!


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Mint Julep: Derby Dressing

My bff Grace and I used to throw these amazing themed parties in college. It pains me that it was…over six years ago. So when Grace invited us over to watch the Derby and drink mint juleps, I was like umm yes duh. Without discussing what we were going to wear, we both dressed the theme. Best friends don’t need to discuss these things. You just DO THEM because you are awesome.

Derby | Glass of Glam

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Green Juice: Off the Shoulder Ruffle Top

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! This is the last ‘free’ weekend we will have in DC until July. So we smooshed it alllll in. We saw Captain America (which was great by the way), ate delicious food, went to Kramer Books, had brunch with family, and tried a new Crossfit gym. Just to name a few things

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Friday Fizz: Make a Statement

Sometimes you just want to stand out, right? You want someone to notice like “HELLO I am here and I’m wearing this fabulous thing.” But if it is just black or just white or even a stunning shade of teal then no one will cast a second glance. Even if it does have tassels and pom poms all over. It needs to be special.Friday Fizz Make a Statement | Glass of Glam Read More

Weekly Refreshment: JCrew Factory

A preppy vibe is never a bad thing. Preppy to me means polished, simple, and colorful. I went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, which meant all preppy all the time, so I am used to it. I’m not one to write off an entire brand just because it doesn’t fit into my style aesthetic. If I like it, it doesn’t matter.

JCrew has always been associated with preppy looks, but it isn’t always affordable. In came JCrew Factory, which released its online store a few years ago. Typically, the Factory has the same clothing, but they name it differently. For instance, my beloved Minnie pants from JCrew are called the Winnie with a “W” at the Factory. Clever. Because they are exactly the same and just cost less. (Actually I just realized the Minnie pant is on sale and less expensive. Hilarious. This never happens.)

I posted my current JCrew Factory favorites on my Instagram a couple days ago, so I thought I’d share them here, too. I just started using an app called which allows me to link items in an instagram post. If you’re interested, sign up here and “like” my photos on Instagram “to know” the outfit details, and get an email with the info according to your preferences! It’s super easy.

In case you didn’t see my favorites, here are my JCrew Factory picks!



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The Classic and Foolproof Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule | Glass of GlamOne of my absolute favorite cocktails is the classic Moscow Mule. I love the spiciness of the ginger, the sweetness of the ginger beer, and the refreshing lime squeeze. It is simply a heavenly combination. And you get to drink it out of a cool copper cup. I guess the vodka is just an extra bonus. Read More