Weekly Refreshment: Glam Life Lately

Life has been pretty hectic lately. Here’s a glimpse into what I’ve been doing, cooking and loving.

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1.You probably know by now that I am grain-free. Basically Paleo, except I eat cheese sometimes. We made the Chicken Tikka Masala from the new Fed and Fit cookbook and WOWZA it was amazing. We also made the cilantro lime cauliflower rice to go along with it. The best part is that you can find all the ingredients at your local grocery store!


2. Elwood is doing great! When unsupervised has to wear the vest AND the cone of shame, which he loathes. He has a big tent in the living room so that when we go to work he is safe, and not jumping around hurting himself. It also keeps his brother from bothering him.

I had many requests to bedazzle his vest so I did it on my Instagram story for you, hahaaaaa. We take him to get his stitches out on Monday.



3. My BFF Ashley came to visit a couple weekends ago and she brought this Lush BB Seaweed face mask with her. We had some girly wine and mask time and it made our faces so smooth and bright. I’m going to run to Lush as soon as Ellie gets better and get some! Life Lately Glassofglam.com

4. I never gave the link to the shoes from this instagram post. Let me tell you why. Sometimes the liketoknow.it tags can be really helpful, but they can seem a bit salesy. I want you guys to know that I link the products so that you can find them easily. Heck, to be quite honest the commission isn’t that great compared to the time I spend looking for good options.

Life Lately Glassofglam.comBurgundy loafers

5. I’ve been feeling blah lately so I started a 30 day running challenge (totally self imposed) just to mix it up. I’ve been snapping my workouts every night (rsrahamim) for accountability. I know sweaty gym photos are kind of douchey, but they help me stay motivated. Today is day 4!

Life Lately Glassofglam.com

6. I started listening to a new podcast called The Power of Different. Dr. Gail Saltz  interviews influential and brilliant people who have real and unique struggles, which in turn is what makes them successful. The first episode is with Stacy London and when I tweeted at Dr. Saltz and tagged Stacy, Stacy London liked my tweet! HUGE FANGIRL MOMENT. It is only on episode 2 right now, so you don’t have much catching up to do.

Life Lately Glassofglam.com


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4 Responses to Weekly Refreshment: Glam Life Lately

  1. ADA says:

    I love posts like these, getting a more personal glimpse in my favorite bloggers’ lives. So cool that Stacey liked your tweet!

    Have a great weekend Roxanne!


  2. Susan Rahamim says:

    That Tikka Masala looks awesome! I love Stacey London, too!

  3. Moriah says:

    Woah, you’re doing so much! What are the specifics of the 30 day running challenge? Do you get to take any rest days?
    Stacy London is the bomb, SO COOL that she liked your post

  4. Dor Raha says:

    That’s so cool that your tweet got the bump! How’s the grain-free going for you btw?