Bridging the Age Gap With Jodie!

Today is an exciting day with the launch of an unprecedented campaign, Bridging the Gap, where 100 Millennial and 100 Midlife Influencers are coming together to blur the boundaries as we believe we are stronger together. We are putting an end to the labels and divisions that no longer serve us, as age is simply a number,. It is your attitude  and way of looking at life that truly matters.

Bridging the Gap with Jodie's Touch of Style and Glass of Glam

We are women supporting women, along with a few brave men joining in the celebration. Women from all over the country are coming together to send a powerful message that we choose to be seen for who we are rather than be defined by our ages. We believe in a world without separation. We believe that we are far stronger together. Please join us in this revolutionary campaign as it is the hearts and souls of the women that truly matter in the end.

So Here’s What’s Up

All this collaborating started as the Fierce 50 Revolution. But the creator of this campaign, Catherine of Catherine Grace O decided to include millennials like me.

Catherine says that “every woman at midlife carries a “Millennial” inside of her and every “Millennial” carries a future “Midlifer” inside of her. We all decided that it’s time to put an end to all labeling that separates us as we believe that #wearestrongertogether. There is wisdom in youth as well as wisdom in age!

Bridging the Gap with Jodie's Touch of Style and Glass of Glam

Who hasn’t been affected by age discrimination? I was assisting a partner with a deposition and opposing counsel asked me to leave when we got to the questions on the witness’ loss of consortium claim. For those lost to the legal jargon, he was claiming he couldn’t have sex with his wife due to his injuries. He said his client didn’t feel comfortable answering the questions with me in the room because I looked like I was 12 years old. My partner Jodie had a similar experience as a young dentist newly out of dental school when a patient asked her age. She of course told him, although he never returned to her practice. His loss!

Admittedly, there are times, I have felt judgey against older women. But I know it is wrong and stupid. They were all younger at one time, and I will get older. We have so much to learn from older women, as they have strengths that we can absolutely learn from, and vice versa.

Meet My Campaign Partner, Jodie!!!

Jodie is the fierce “midlifer” that chose me as her partner with for this campaign!

Bridging the Gap with Jodie's Touch of Style and Glass of GlamJodie blogs over at Jodie’s Touch of Style. We’ve been following each other for a little over a year now! As you saw in our first photo – we both love cats! Jodie has 2 kitties too! She’s holding her sweet Spookie and I am holding my mischievous giant Elwood. (Who somehow managed to escape while we were moving. But don’t worry, we found him!)

First, a bit about my fabulous partner! Jodie is a retired dentist; she had her own practice for 20 years. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband. They went to the same school, but didn’t get together until years later. Since she has always loved shopping and styling, she decided too start her own blog, only a year before I started mine!

Bridging the Gap with Jodie's Touch of Style and Glass of Glam

What makes Jodie’s blog so unique and what I absolutely LOVE is that she styles not only herself, but her also stepmother Nancy (her 60+ model) and her mother Charlotte (her 70+ model). They all coordinate based on a theme. So the beauty of Jodie’s blog is that every day she transcends age gaps. And when she partners with me (which we have twice now) she is literally including all aged women in her posts. From the 20 something millennial to 70+ Greatest Generation. I look up to her so much and find her to be absolutely fantastic.

Bridging the Gap with Jodie's Touch of Style and Glass of Glam

We talked on the phone for a bit, and it was so nice to put a voice to her beautiful pictures and posts! We talked a little about the misconceptions about millennials and the stereotypes of mid-lifers. While some stereotypes have truth, we both try to learn from the other generation. What I personally took out of our conversation is that each person should be considered individually, rather than making a judgment based on age.

While Jodie’s main audience in blogging is the “midlife crowd” she is extremely open minded and positive. She is a great listener and told me that she loves to learn from others. Since we are both petite I really enjoy her tips on the subject. She knows how to sew her own things, and her mother is actually a very skilled seamstress!

Bridging the Gap with Jodie's Touch of Style and Glass of Glam

I like following Jodie’s Instagram stories, too. I always laugh when she posts a picture of crunchy snacks like chips with the caption “oops!” Haha! I really wish we lived closer, but I know she would be one of my first stops if I ever make it to Colorado.

You can find Jodie at her blog Jodie’s Touch of Style, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap with Jodie's Touch of Style and Glass of Glam

Check out this fab graphic that a fellow collaborator created for our campaign! If you can’t tell an age difference between the women in the graphic, that’s a good thing! Let’s enjoy every woman with what they bring to the table, and get rid of the stereotypes!

I’m so happy to be a part of this, as it is something I truly believe in. Thank you so much for supporting Glass of Glam!


Currently Sipping: Orange Juice. More like trying to chug what is left in our fridge before our move to Chicago!

p.s. – want more of me and Jodie? Check out our recent collaboration here!

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13 Responses to Bridging the Age Gap With Jodie!

  1. What a fabulous idea. Friends can be found at all age levels, midpoints and across the world. We connect and learn from each other in various ways. This past summer I met a retired teacher whose grandchildren befriended my girls. As a result we started chatting and discovered even though she is older than my mother, we totally clicked. I enjoyed our time together and we continue to text the odd time now that I am no longer at the lake fulltime. ?

  2. Catherine says:

    Roxanne, the open-mindedness you and Jodie both share is admirable, and I hope that many others follow in your footsteps towards understanding. When women such as yourselves band together, change is inevitable. Thank you for contributing your beautifully honest voice to the campaign!

  3. Jessica says:

    It is great of you to feature her! I love Jodie’s style and she is such an inspiration to not only women of her age, but women in general.

    Jessica |

  4. Katya says:

    What a great empowering movement. You have my support and I am sure all women would. I wish the
    campaign the best of luck.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  5. Jeanne says:

    So awesome how you two became friends. Love this campaign too. Keep at it!

  6. jodie says:

    I’m finally getting around to reading your post, and you inspire me so much, Roxanne. I love your style of writing, and I feel like I’m talking to you again, just by reading this!! I need to go take some writing classes, I think!!!
    And kudos to you for getting this done during the move no less!! You are quite the amazing woman!!

  7. I love what Jodie does! This was such a fun read.

  8. Susan Rahamim says:

    Great message about age and great styles from both of you!

  9. Roxanne, these are the first bridging the gap posts I am reading today and I was so excited to see you and Jodie paired together! You are both seriously two of my favorite bloggers! And seeing the connection that you made together is super refreshing and empowering! You both rock. Such a great post!