What’s in my Beach/Pool Bag

We are really lucky to have a pool in our building. This is a new thing for me, being able to swim and lay in the sun whenever I have a free moment. But in no time, I already have some poolside/beach essentials that I bring with me every time.

Beach Bag | Glass of Glam


First, a beach hat. Since I use a retinol cream on my face, I always bring a hat to the pool for extra protection. Otherwise, my face will turn to red leather really quickly and that’s pretty unattractive. This hat, which was gifted to me to try out, has a pretty little tie at the back and also comes in a lot of fun summery colors. I like how packable it is because of the sewn ribbon style. The style is actually called the “crushable” big ribbon sun hat!

The bag itself is my go-to for pretty much everything. It is just the perfect tote. I got my first Vineyard Vines canvas tote in college and I used it to shreds. The inside has three small pockets (to fit your wallet, water bottle, miscellaneous crap we all have, a large compartment, and a zippered compartment. There is a little pocket on the outside to put your phone, headphones, and keys for easy access.

While it’s not straw or pom pom-y like some of the other beach totes out there (see some in this post!) it is certainly more practical. If you like to be organized and you need a bag that will match pretty much everything you own, this is it.

Sunscreen. I like to have two kinds. I have one for my face (like this supergoop sunscreen oil) because I am particular about what I put on my face. I usually have something more sensitive and pore-friendly with me. I also bring one for my body. I just discovered this spray sunscreen and it is so darn easy. I love the Neutrogena regular sunscreen, so I’m really happy it comes in a spray version! Yes it is more expensive, but it works really well and makes reapplying much less of a chore. Better to actually use it then just schlep it around, amirite?

It might seem silly to have lip balm in my bag, but I like to add a little color to my face, even at the pool. My lips dry out really quickly in the sun, so they can use the extra moisture. I really love these babylips lip balms because they provide a hint of color, like you were eating a popsicle!

Finally, sunglasses, because I can’t seem to do anything without them. And my super cute whale koozie. I have a few koozies in my collection (I like this one too because it matches my tote) but the whale one is extra special. Even if it doesn’t actually keep my beverage cold, I like it!

I love these types of posts, because it it interesting to me to see what other people choose to carry around! But seriously, how cute is this hat!?

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5 Responses to What’s in my Beach/Pool Bag

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  3. Susan Rahamim says:

    great hat!

  4. Grace says:

    Yes to the lipbalm/chapstick! Lips burn so easily in the sun so using that stuff is super important. 🙂

  5. Moriah says:

    A good hat makes all the difference! Sometimes if my face is feeling dry I don’t even want to put sunscreen on it because it can get really irritated and uncomfortable, so I wear a good hat to block out the sun 🙂 yours looks great! Love the red color.