Stone Tower Winery & On Mondays We Link-Up(#27)

We ventured out of the city a few months ago to visit some Virginia wineries! It is one of our favorite things to do when we want to take a quick day trip out of the city. On this trip we went to Stone Tower Winery, which is known for its beautiful outdoor spaces and sprawling scenery.



Stone Tower Winery is absolutely stunning! There are multiple places to sample wines, but Dan and I opted for the “adult only” area – since we are trolls and prefer a bit more quiet.  Despite wine tasting having a reputation for being an adult activity, there were plenty of children running around and enjoying the day with their parents. And lots of dogs!

We didn’t take a tour and instead headed straight for the tasting room. It was $15 to sample a bunch of wines on the menu. Our bartender was really nice and let us sample a few extra things that were not on the tasting menu.

Sampling different wines is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I know a bit about wine because I was fortunate enough to take a basic wine class in college. It was only for seniors and we had to SCRAMBLE to get in before the class filled up! We learned the basics of each grape, some wine regions of the world, how to smell and taste wine properly, and how wine is made. At the end of each class we got to taste some wines. Imagine a bunch off college seniors on a Tuesday night after wine class – HAHA! We had so much fun though and I really did learn a lot.

I’m not a wine snob by any means, but Stone Tower wines weren’t exactly for me. Or maybe they didn’t have what I was looking for on the particular day we went. I still had fun tasting the wines and enjoying the gorgeous grounds.

A huge debate with wine tasting is – to swallow or not to swallow? I typically swallow if I like the way the wine tastes, but I don’t like to spit. If I don’t like the wine, then I swallow the sip, then pour the rest of the glass in the provided discard bucket.

After our tasting, Dan and I decided to get some munchies in the winery store and shared a glass of red wine on the terrace overlooking a beautiful valley with some grape vines in the distance.






One of my favorite parts about Stone Tower was the field of cows when you pull up to the entrance. I lose my shit when I see animals. Maybe it’s just me.

My tips for going wine tasting:

  • Eat protein before you go! Otherwise you might get too drunk and feel sick.
  • Hydrate the night before and bring a water bottle. Wine has a way of sucking all the water out of you.
  • Take a sip of water between each wine to cleanse your palette. It is best to start fresh.
  • Stay for some snacks and enjoy. Wineries aren’t just about the wine. They are great places to recharge, enjoy some beautiful scenery, and connect with your loved ones.
  • Plan ahead a little bit. Find out what is near the winery, and stop for brunch, coffee, or antiquing before. That way, it turns into a little exploratory getaway. We stopped in Leesburg, VA before visiting Stone Tower and it was so cute and fun to see!

Linkup squad: Since I am going to France until August 28th, Sarah and I decided to take a brief hiatus from the linkup. We will be back on Monday September 4! 


My favorite from last week was Sierra from Beautifully Candid! Her off the shoulder dress is so beautiful and easy breezy!

Make sure you check out Trendy & Tidy for Sarah’s favorite this week. And don’t forget that we will be back with the linkup when I return from my trip!

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12 Responses to Stone Tower Winery & On Mondays We Link-Up(#27)

  1. Lanae Bond says:

    I love the sleeves on your top because it is quite unique!

  2. Sarah says:

    This winery looks beautiful and so do you! I love how you guys go on adventures and check out different wineries…definitely need to do this more!

    Trendy & Tidy

  3. Laura says:

    This looks like such a fun winery to visit! Love your gorgeous top too!

  4. Ruth says:

    I adore that top with the ruffled sleeves! So cute! It looks like an amazing time!

  5. Love your top! Have a great time in France; hopefully you’ll hit some wineries there too!


  6. Rox-Anne says:

    Your comment about the cows outfit details made me spit our my coffee! Hilarious! The winery looks amazing and I love your tips about how to prepare before going to one (I’m going to add protein before I go to my next one). So jealous about your France vacay, can’t wait to follow along on your adventures! Enjoy! xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

  7. I love visiting wineries, and don’t do it enough! This looks like such a fun afternoon, and I love your top!

  8. This sounds so wonderful. I’ve never been to a winery, they are not plentiful in our area and it’s just hasn’t happened for us YET! I love this post and maybe a mini-vacation for L & I in the future. Glad you and Dan enjoyed such a lovely day together and thanks for sharing.

  9. Jessica says:

    I always love to visit wineries! This seems like a great winery to go to! PS – love your top too!

    Jessica |

  10. What a fun time you must have had! All your pictures are so nice and make me want to visit some of our local wineries! Peace!

  11. jodie says:

    We love to visit wineries too Roxanne and I think your tips are very smart! We laugh that Colorado’s wines are not quite as good as California wines so I totally know what you mean when you said it wasn’t your fave. But it’s still fun and a great way to spend a relaxing day!!

  12. I like wine tasting a lot as well and don’t like to spit either 😉 Unfortunately sometimes … it’s almost mandatory 🙂 In Italy last month it was delicious (except for the dessert wine which was totally unexpected as I like sweet wines).

    Anyway you had fun and you’ll have in France as well I hope 😉