How to De Bloat and Reset

Summer weekends are the best. Traveling to see friends for weddings, drinking at the pool, eating delicious brunches, you name it. But sometimes I go a little to far and the overindulging makes me feel like a bloated balloon that could propel itself to the moon (TMI? sorry.)

As I am getting older I am a lot more in tune with my body. From my years of weekend eating, diet-book reading (it is a bizarre hobby of mine) and personal experience, I’ve figured out some tried and true ways to beat your bloat. Maybe you didn’t drink enough water, didn’t eat enough greens, not enough sleep, too much alcohol, or didn’t take the time to “go.”

When I find myself in a pinch, these are the bloat beating tips that work for me.

How to Beat Bloat | Glass of Glam


1.Special DeBloating Metabolizing Tonic. I make a drink with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1/2 lemon, a shake of cayenne pepper, and water. Drink it first thing in the morning. If you can tolerate the vinegar-y taste then go ahead and take it as a shot. If not, fill it up with more water. I’ve drank this tonic cold and hot and both are nice, once you become accustomed to the taste! It sort or becomes a little morning ritual. The tonic speeds up your metabolism and helps  your body to digest anything that may be causing your bloat.


2. Probiotics. Probiotics are a life saver. I can definitely tell a difference when I’ve taken them. My digestion is better and I look better. I especially need them when I travel; it could be the difference in the water or the change in my diet. I like to take one of these in the morning (I also read this brand is great).  Try to drink Kombucha (love GT’s) when you are feeling the bloat (but pour it into a wine glass, because you need t0), and eat a little bit of Kimchi every day. My favorite brand right now is Wildbrine. It goes really well with eggs!


4. Natural Calm Magnesium + Calcium Drink. I mix of teaspoon of Natural Calm in hot water every night before bed. In addition to helping with regularity, it really helps me sleep. I like it better than melatonin because it doesn’t make be have freaky dreams. While the label of the drink does not claim to help with bloating, I have personally seen that it helps me to feel a lot less stressed and less poofy.

How to Beat Bloat | Glass of Glam

This is what I had for brunch at Belga Cafe in DC this weekend. In case you were wondering.

5. Move your Body. I tend to feel puffy when I’ve doing too much lifting. If you are feeling bloated, I recommend going for a light run, hitting up your favorite yoga studio, going to spin, or going for a long walk. Any activity that makes me sweat makes me feel and look leaner.

6. Soluble Fiber. Although I have not read any research on this, I tend to find that eating sources of soluble fiber are easier on my body, leading to less bloating and smoother digestion. Some examples are sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, asparagus, pears, and cooked carrots. Weird confession – I will sometimes eat collard greens with sweet potatoes for breakfast – the extra greens and soluble fiber makes me feel good all day.

7. Cut out Grains and Dairy. Try to refrain from dairy and grains as much as possible for a couple days because these foods can be inflammatory. So especially if you are trying to slim down to be in a bikini, I would refrain for a bit. Instead, focus on getting in some vegetables and lean proteins, which will undoubtedly speed up your anti-bloat efforts!

8. Take an Epsom Salt Bath. I read that Jennifer Lawrence takes a detox bath before award ceremonies. My favorite epsom salts are the Dr. Teal’s lavender scent. If you are a science nerd like me, it has to to with osmosis and how much salt is outside your body versus inside. The concentration of salt in the bath draws water out of your body to equalize the environment and….tadah! Less bloat!

9. Lay Off the Booze. As a lady who loves a good glass of wine, this is a hard one for me. Part of my job as a blogger is networking and that also involves a lot of happy hours and events with alcohol. As ridiculous as that sounds, it adds up. I try to plan in advance how many times I am going out and save my drinks as “treats” rather than having a cocktail at home on a random Tuesday. I also try to drink healthier options when possible.


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