The Aperol Spritz – An Italian Cocktail

As you may know, we went to Italy on our honeymoon this September. That is where I discovered one of my favorite cocktails – the Aperol Spritz. It is a little tangy, bubbly, and extremely refreshing. Aperol is a bright orange Italian aperetif. It is made with orange, rhubarb, gentiana (a blue flowering plant) and other herbs that Aperol claims are secrets.

Aperol Spritz Recipe

My spritz revelation occurred in Lake Como, a simply magical and jaw-dropping destination.  We arrived in the early evening, around 4 or 5pm. Everyone was sitting outside drinking these orange cocktails in wine glasses. I consider myself a cocktail connoisseur (hence the name of this blog), and it busted my ego to think I had not seen this classy glass of orangey-goodness before.

We sat down to dinner in the town of Varenna (One of George Clooney’s favorite towns, btw) and I asked the waitress what was that orange drink everyone was having? She smiled and replied “that is an Aperol Spritz!” and I smiled back – “I’ll have one of those, please.”

From then on, it was my chosen aperetivo after long days of walking and touring. And as soon as I came back to the states, I started making them at home.

The traditional recipe an easy 3-2-1 ratio. The spritz is 3 parts prosecco (or sparking wine or champagne) 2 parts Aperol, and 1 splash of sparkling water. It is THAT easy. I’ll show you exactly how I make mine.

The Aperol Spritz – Glass of Glam Style

What you need:
  1. Sparkling wine, Champagne, or Prosecco
  2. Aperol
  3. sparkling water
  4. Ice
  5. A wine glass
  6. An orange

(Scroll over pictures for the steps)

Aperol Spritz RecipeStriped Tee (on sale for $10); Old Madewell Corduroys; H&M Druzy Pendant similar; Milani Lipstick in Sweet Nectar

And there you have it! Super easy. Drink with a straw if you are a diva like me and don’t want to mess up your lipstick.

If you don’t have champagne or sparkling wine, use white wine and a little more of the sparkling water, so it is still a “spritz.” That works too.

Cheers to the least intimidating, but most delicious cocktail!


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9 Responses to The Aperol Spritz – An Italian Cocktail

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  4. Oh my heavens. This looks so fancy & tasty. Gotta drink with a straw; diva style. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  5. Dor Raha says:

    Don’t forget to apply your curly rubber grape-shaped charm to the stem of your glass!

  6. Susan Rahamim says:

    Looks Deelish, may even be healthy with the natural ingredients in the Aperol. Can’t wait to try it! The french version is wine with Kir or Creme de Casis ( blackcurrant syprup)