Friday Fizz: My Favorite Paleo/Grain Free Foods

This blog is about connecting with you, finding things we have in common, and perhaps you can take away of piece of my life and incorporate it into yours. Whether it is fashion or wellness. I like to be helpful when I can.

If you’ve ended up here because you are a fashion-lover like me then you probably also want to FEEL good. And for me, that 100% comes down to what I’m eating. Okay maybe 90% (I know exercise is important, too.)

It’s not a secret that I eat mostly paleo/grain free for health reasons and feel my best when I do. I’m not 100% strict and I won’t die if I eat gluten or grains, but I just won’t feel too hot. So for all the grain-free fashionistas out there, here are some of the grain free things I’ve been picking up from the grocery store lately.

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ZICO COCONUT WATER – I like coconut water post-workout, when I wake up in the middle of the night and feel dehydrated, and as a base for smoothies. Between those things I drink a lot of it. And, off the record, it is fantastic for easing hangovers.

PALEONOLA – I always loved granola but had a hard time finding one that was grain-free. Perfect for a quick snack on it’s own, on yogurt for breakfast, or sprinkled on some Halo Top ice cream (preferably vanilla or lemon cake.)

NEW BARN ALMOND MILK – I’ve tried every almond milk in Whole Foods. This one is the best. It is Carrageenan-free (a food stabilizer that is toxic to our bodies) which is really important to me when I look at the label. I’ve tried all four varieties and my favorite is the regular vanilla (the blue bottle.)

PERFECT BARS – These are a little pricey, but they are SO GOOD. When I want a cookie or something sweet I eat a half a perfect bar. They are really rich, so half does the trick. Find them in the refrigerated section.

SIETE TORTILLAS – Sometimes when you are grain free you miss wrapping your food up  in a little package. BEHOLD! Siete tortillas are the bomb. You can get the almond flour or the casava and coconut flour version. I had been eating these for awhile, then came across a podcast where the creators were interviewed, and it made me love these tortillas even MORE. I make every kind of taco imaginable with these (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and I have ideas to cut them up and make chips.

Rx BARS – I appreciate that the packaging says “No B.S.” Sweetened with dates, and made with only a few ingredients. I always have one of these in my bag when I get a hunger pang or when I’m traveling. You can get them at Trader Joe’s now!

REDWOOD HILL FARM GOAT MILK YOGURT – A lot of people are lactose intolerant these days. But for some reason, goat milk products don’t bother us. Yogurt has so much healthy bacteria, and the taste is so creamy and delicious.

SIR KENSINGTON’S CHIPOTLE MAYO – This is some high quality fancy stuff. I love putting it on anything I have an excuse to. On greens and sausage for breakfast, lettuce wraps, potatoes, salads, to make chicken salad…it’s just so tasty.

EPIC SRIRACHA JERKY BITES – These are typically reserved for travel. There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and having nothing to eat. These bites provide the salty spicy taste you want and the protein you need. I like to pack a some sweeter bars when I travel (Like Rx bars) and something more savory to balance it out. They aren’t tough like jerky either so they won’t ruin your teeth. Also a lot lower in sugar than most jerky on the market these days.

What’s your favorite grain free grocery item? I love hearing what other people love to shop for, even when it is food!


Currently Sipping: Nespresso Arpeggio with some home made pumpkin spice non-dairy creamer

p.s. this post is SUPER old but it was my favorite Trader Joe’s Products (back in January when I hadn’t figured out my grain problem!)

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8 Responses to Friday Fizz: My Favorite Paleo/Grain Free Foods

  1. Susan Rahamim says:

    Great Post! i love delicious healthy options too. wow, perfect bar in the REFRIDGERATED section? I’ll have to look for that! I love putting Quinoa, sunflower seeds and chick peas on my cruciferous salads to make them more hearty!

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  3. Alissa says:

    The RX bars are SO. GOOD! I got an assorted box and pumpkin spice box and every single flavor was amazing — except the coffee one because I don’t like coffee. But love the NO B.S. part too!


  4. Moriah says:

    I went to a ramen restaurant a couple weeks ago that had noodles made of ZUCCHINI! And not like zucchini that someone somehow ground into flour and then turned into spaghetti like how you can get spinach pasta at the grocery store… they just used a spiralizer to slice a zucchini into long thin noodles. It totally hit the spot, the texture was really perfectly noodly and they were so tasty! I bet you could make pastas out of zucchini, carrots, peppers, beets?… who knows? Someday if I have more kitchen space that’s definitely on my list.

  5. Rachel Spross says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. Healthy eating is a big part of my life. I love seeing posts like this!


  6. cDs says:

    I have tried so hard and just cannot do coconut water! Fruity bubbles for me please!
    x0x0 Caroline