My Favorite Trader Joe’s Products

Who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s? Going in there is like being transported to every ethnic and specialty food market you’ve ever been to…but all at once. I can get unique and tasty food items that won’t break the bank.

Since I am avid and passionate Trader Joe’s shopper, I have strolled the aisles searching for the best. I love reading these types of posts because I like to discover new products. Thus, it is time to share MY favorites. Some of them might be news to you, and some are cult favorites. All the same, I hope this post helps you discover your new Trader Joe’s obsession!

my favorite Trader Joe's foodStarting with oyster crackers, going clockwise…

  1. Oyster Crackers – Dan would not let me get away with this post without featuring these. They are so tasty on their own, or great in soups.
  2. Triple Ginger Snaps – This is one of those cult favorites. They don’t look all that fancy, but trust me. They have little chewy pieces of crystallized ginger in them. These cookies are addicting.
  3. Gone Bananas! Chocolate Covered Banana Bites – You find these in the freezer section near the ice cream. They are the perfect little bite after dinner – if you don’t finish the whole box in one sitting, haha.
  4. Blanc de Blanc Brut Sparkling Wine – As I mentioned in this post, this sparkling wine tastes expensive. And it only costs $6. I like to keep a bottle or two around for special occasions.
  5. Organic Tuscan Kale – For some reason this kale tastes better to me than the regular curly type. I always have a bag of this on hand for a quick salad. It also tastes really good steamed with some lemon juice and pepper. Simple and healthy!
  6. Wasabi Roasted Seaweed Snacks – Sometimes you just want a savory snack but the chips aren’t on the current “eating plan” if you will. These are crunchy and salty. You can get them with or without wasabi, and you can eat the entire package for just 60 calories. What.
  7. Healthy Chopped Veggie Mix – I like crunchy vegetables. But buying them all and chopping them is a chore and a mess. I sprinkle these pre-chopped veggies on my salads all week and it makes me happy.
  8. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – I firmly believe chocolate and peanut butter is a combination personally crafted by the flavor gods. I put the package in the freezer for a nice little treat once in awhile. (tip: try hiding these from your significant other because they will find them and they will eat them all.)
  9. Broccoli and Kale Slaw – I discovered this salad mix when I was hosting a party and looking for a salad option that wouldn’t wilt as soon as it was dressed. It has little packets of sunflower seeds and dried blueberries that you can sprinkle on, and a package of pre-made dressing as well. I use maybe 1/3 of the package when I make it. The slaw and kale really does stay crunchy when dressed, even in the fridge overnight.

While these are my favorites right now, they can and probably will change. Even as I wrote this I lamented that I didn’t include the s’mores bites that my friend Grace recommended. Or the cookie and cocoa swirl butter….mmmm.

What are you favorite Trader Joe’s Products? Tell me your secrets!



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  2. Dor Raha says:

    Oh yes, roasted seaweed snacks are perfect because you can eat infinity of them. They should sell those at the movies