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Weekly Refreshment: Challenge Your Views

Yesterday I mentioned that the weekend was draining. As most of you know, I live in DC, the epicenter of everything that was going on last weekend.

As I live within walking distance of the events, staying at home and hiding felt like a non-option. So on Friday, I attended the inauguration parade on Saturday the Women’s March.

That’s right, I went to BOTH. And I’ll tell you why.

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Weekly Refreshment: Varieteas Monthly Box

Don’t forget that this blog is called GLASS of glam. I love all beverages. And that includes tea. So I guess mug of glam? Whatevs.

When Varieteas reached out to me to try their new tea subscription box, I was all “heck yes.”


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Butler’s Orchard and Rocklands Farm & Winery

I never thought that when I moved to D.C. I would have the opportunity to meet so many fantastic women! I got really lucky that I started this blog and found some of my best friends on Instagram. Life is weird!

We pitched in for a party bus to go pumpkin picking at Butler’s Orchard, followed by wine tasting and farm-animal viewing at Rocklands Farm and Winery. Because we were all just pining for a really basic fall day. And it was perfect.

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Weekly Refreshment: Moving and Grooving

Moving is always way crazier than I think it is going to be. Reserving elevators, having boxes for random things, sequestering cats so they don’t run out the door. There are a lot of things to think about.

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Look Great in Denim on Denim

Look Great in Denim on Denim

Today’s post is by guest contributor Maggie Williams. Maggie is a freelance writer based out of Tucson. She enjoys reading and writing about fashion and lifestyle topics and, in her spare time, running half marathons, baking, and finding the best pizza in Arizona.

Denim on denim, once a fashion no-no, has become popular to wear in the fashion world, and among celebrities. Big names like Gigi Hadid, Dakota Fanning, Rachel Bilson, and other well-known models, actresses, and even bloggers have all jumped on board the trend train. Not only is it comfy and convenient given that many of us have several denim pieces in our closets already, but it can look really chic and effortless when done correctly. Although the pairing can be a tad intimidating, being clad head-to-toe in the look can quickly become overwhelming, I have several tips and tricks that will have you wearing denim on denim like a pro! Read More