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Stone Tower Winery & On Mondays We Link-Up(#27)

We ventured out of the city a few months ago to visit some Virginia wineries! It is one of our favorite things to do when we want to take a quick day trip out of the city. On this trip we went to Stone Tower Winery, which is known for its beautiful outdoor spaces and sprawling scenery.

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Retro Glam With ModCloth & On Mondays We Link-Up (#25)

This weekend was exactly what I needed. Relaxing and productive! Dan and I slept in, cooked, went for long walks, worked out, binge watched some shows (Band of Brothers is SO good if you haven’t seen it already) and ordered takeout. And I broke down all those darn boxes (blogger life, haha). All in all a very successful at-home weekend.

Today’s look is a retro inspired outfit from ModCloth. I LOVE vintage inspired pieces that make me feel feminine and confident.

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My New Glasses

I got some cute new frames! You won’t even believe how inexpensive they were!

I have been wearing glasses since about 3rd grade. I remember that I was doing the wrong math problems for homework because I wrote them down incorrectly in my planner. After getting a poor grade in math that year (I’m still mad about that) my mom though that I should probably get my eyes checked. Ever since then I’ve had glasses and contacts. Can’t see a darn thing without them!

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam wearing Optically glasses

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Stripe Happy, RIP Abs & On Mondays We Link-Up (#22)

Well HELLO lovely people! I haven’t posted since…last Thursday. Yikes. Then with the holiday last weekend, Sarah and I decided to take a week off from the linkup. But I’ve been busy! Since recovering from my respiratory virus (yuck) I went to NYC, enjoyed a wonderful 4th of July, and worked my butt off at my job. Between all that, sadly, there was hardly any time for blogging.

BUT I’m back with this amazing yet simple striped top and distressed jeans. And alas, I’m lamenting that I don’t have abs like these anymore.

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Letting Go of Instagram Woes & Glowing With Xehar Style

Instagram has caused some of us bloggers to do some crazy things to help get our content in front of your eyes. Here are some of those crazy things.

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam wearing a Xehar floral wrap print dress and lace up espadrilles

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Palm Encore & On Mondays We Link Up (#20)

Another Monday! Since it is still Dan’s birthday I am trying not to be on my computer. In case you missed out, I was in Nashville all weekend for my husband’s 30th birthday! We ate great food, toured some city sights, and (ofcourse) made our way down Broadway to listen to all the amazing bands! I am exhausted but so happy.

Today’s post features the prettiest palm print skirt there ever was. I love this skirt SO much!

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Basic Blogger Stuff I Did & Some Tropical Palm Print Goodness

Let’s face it. Bloggers do some really basic stuff. In case you’re not up on the slang (hi mom) “basic” means what everyone else is doing, the norm, or just so typical. You may remember my post about why I’m a sucky blogger, and you can check that out to refresh your memory about basic blogging behavior.

But I’m here today to tell you that I actually did some really basic shizz and I’m not that mad about it.

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