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Friday Fizz: Summer Hair

Happy Friday!!! We made it, guys. This has seemed like the longest week ever.

So one of my favorite things is hair. I like looking at other people’s hair, and I love doing my own hair. It is my favorite accessory and I definitely style it to reflect my style or mood.

I absolutely love effortless and messy, beachy, perfect summer hair. While it might look effortless for some, let’s face it, I put in some effort. I have a lot of favorite products I use to keep it in good shape, too.


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Guinness: A Long Black Trench Vest

Sleeveless Trench | Glass of Glam



When I look at these photos I feel like my hair has grown really fast. In August 2015 (at our wedding) it was super long (there is a photo on my About me page). Then we moved to DC and I wanted change so I chopped it off into a “lob” or a long bob in around November, 2015. That was before I started my blog, so I don’t have any photos of how short it was. Then I dyed it blonde in March (remember this post?) Read More

Save Time with Dry Shampoo

It is January 11, and we are still trying to stick to our resolutions. One that we all make or renew each year is to exercise more. But if you are like me, exercising is not just a hassle because of the actual workout. It is the after-workout routine (showering, blow drying, styling) that takes a long time. What if you can skip washing your hair for a couple of days and still get in your workout? I’m sold, and have been sold, for a long time now.

Save Time With Dry Shampoo via

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