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Friday Fizz: Summer Hair

Happy Friday!!! We made it, guys. This has seemed like the longest week ever.

So one of my favorite things is hair. I like looking at other people’s hair, and I love doing my own hair. It is my favorite accessory and I definitely style it to reflect my style or mood.

I absolutely love effortless and messy, beachy, perfect summer hair. While it might look effortless for some, let’s face it, I put in some effort. I have a lot of favorite products I use to keep it in good shape, too.


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Morning Coffee: A 7 Minute Makeup Routine

I usually do a style post on Tuesdays. Dan and I shot several looks this weekend, aaaaaand in true form I hated how they all turned out. I just wasn’t feeling the outfits, and I refuse to post a look that I don’t truly believe in. So today I’m switching it up and sharing my current 7-minute makeup routine.

My friends who have seen my makeup collection are probably confused at how I narrowed it down to these specific products. I don’t use these exact products every single time I do my makeup, but they are my go-to never fail products that I know I can rely on in a pinch. Which is why they’ve made the cut into my 7 minute morning makeup routine.

Glass of Glam - 7 minute makeup routine

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Friday Favorites – Episode #3

We’ve made it to another Friday. And for another week of favorites…

friday favorites leopard trousers

  1. Leopard Trousers. I wore these on Monday and I absolutely love them. They are comfortable and prevent any outfit from looking boring.  To make things sweeter, they are only $10! friday favorites clarisonic mia
  2. Clarisonic Mia – I use my Clarisonic face brush every night to make sure I get all the make up off my face. It might sound gross, but I like to look at the brush to see how much makeup the brush is taking off! It is always interesting to see how much more this brush can clean my skin, even after I’ve cleansed with my hands.Friday Favorites the Fortune Hunter
  3. The Fortune Hunter. This book features the real Empress Sisi of Austria, who was the Princess Diana of 19th century Europe. She is such an interesting and progressive woman. Although the characters around her are fictional, the author attempted to stay true to Sisi’s character. If you watch Downton Abbey, this book is a must read!Friday Favorites the people v. oj
  4. The People v. O.J. Simpson – This show is so good! Dan and I have been looking forward to watching it on Tuesday nights. I was only like 7 when this case was big in the news, so it is fascinating to watch this historical drama with a more mature mind. friday favorites gateway5. Handmade earrings from Gateway Arts. My friend Jessi got these gorgeous earrings for me for my birthday! They are really special because they were hand made by an artist at Gateway Arts in Boston, MA.  Gateway Arts provides professional development for adults with disabilities who have artistic talent. Jewelry making is just one of the things the talented artists at Gateway do! I love it! Check out the website or Facebook page for more info!

That’s all the favorites for this week! Have a fantastic weekend and happy Valentine’s Day!


Friday Favorites – #2

Another Friday Favorites! Which means we made it another week. I think I will make this a weekly article. It is a nice way to reflect on the week and let you know what I’ve been loving.

In last week’s favorites I included some unconventional things, like a humidifier, haha. You guys seemed to love that!

glass of glam - friday favorites1. Fringe Boots. These boots are incredible! I posted this picture on my instagram this week. They are wedges, and just so fun. And I KNOW I mentioned that they only $20. They also come in black, but there are not many sizes left!

glass of glam - friday favorites2. The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. I finished this book and WOW it was a page turner. I like books where the action starts right away. If you’re like me in that regard, then you will also love this book.

glass of glam - friday favorites

glass of glam - friday favorites

3. Painted Drop Pendant Necklace – This necklace rally pulled my casual outfits together this week. As you can see from the pics, I posted outfits including this necklace on instagram twice this week! Bonus: it is only $6. Score!

glass of glam - friday favorites4. Hand Made Earrings. I regret that you can’t buy these. I told my mom I was looking for some fringe earrings, and asked her to keep an eye out for some. The inspiration pair were these Isabel Marant ones – gorgeous, but $256 and sold out anyway. Soo my mom made these for me and surprised me on my birthday! Love love love!

glass of glam - friday favorites5. Nails Inc. Gel Effect in Porchester Square – This color is the perfect nude meets gray meets purple. I really think it would look beautiful on any skin tone. Plus, the gel effect polishes stay on a little longer. This is coming from someone who like to use her nails as tools. My nail polish typically chips an hour after I put it on, but this one stays on for a couple days with no chips.

glass of glam - annie6. Sia – You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile. I can’t listen to this song without smiling. Annie is one of my all time favorite shows.  I had the opportunity to see it in Brooklyn at the renovated King’s Street Theater when my mom and I visited NYC in December. Sia’s version of the song is upbeat and makes me want to dance around. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I’ve been at it now for a month, and I am loving it! I read all of your comments, and I so appreciate your kind words and encouragement.


Pantone’s Colors of the Year

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.17.22 AM

After wearing a serenity blue blouse this weekend (see this post) I was inspired by Pantone’s colors of the year. Last year, the color was Marsala, a beautiful wine red. This year, Pantone chose two colors, which is out of the ordinary. The colors are Rose Quartz (a light pink) and Serenity (a periwinkle blue). The choice of the colors was meant to incorporate the warmer inviting red tones, as well as the cool and calming blue tones. You can read more about Pantone’s process and intentions here.

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Save Time with Dry Shampoo

It is January 11, and we are still trying to stick to our resolutions. One that we all make or renew each year is to exercise more. But if you are like me, exercising is not just a hassle because of the actual workout. It is the after-workout routine (showering, blow drying, styling) that takes a long time. What if you can skip washing your hair for a couple of days and still get in your workout? I’m sold, and have been sold, for a long time now.

Save Time With Dry Shampoo via

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Winter Edit

It is now freezing in D.C. While walking this morning everyone was decked out in their hats, gloves, and boots. Soon, I will be piling on 8 layers of clothing at a time…until it becomes absolutely unbearable…so I have to turn on the heat!

Something about being inside all cozy when it is cold out is really nice. It reminds me of growing up when we would make a fire in the fire place and cover ourselves with blankets, drink warm mugs of hot chocolate, and wear the fuzziest of socks (my mom loves to gift fuzzy socks! I am a lucky girl).

Here are some winter things I like, need, or already have – for both trudging out in the cold or keeping warm indoors.

Winter Editone|two|three|four|five|six|seven|eight|nine|ten|eleven|twelve

one. Cashmere is extremely warm, but lightweight, which makes it perfect for travel. The is the cheapest I have ever seen cashmere (under $60!) and it comes in so many colors.

two. How cute are these slippers? And Uggs for under $40!? yes please. They come in a bunch of cute patterns, but I especially love the gray with yellow hearts. (these colorful ones are really cute too.)

three. Tech gloves. Because you can’t possibly text with cold hands. and at $11.22 the price is right.

four. Cat mug. ‘Nuff said.

five. Earmuffs that also work as headphones. Multi-functionality!

six. Dan and I went to Toronto last year and everyone was wearing these super warm coats. However, they cost an arm and a leg! (also love this one and this one. eek). This North Face one is similar and much more affordable.

seven. Boots that serve both style and warmth.

eight. Bite Beauty Lip Mask is seriously amazing at healing my dry lips. And it is tasty! I love that it comes in a subtle champagne rose pearl color.

nine. When I studied abroad in Luxembourg, we used to go to this little chocolate shop. They served chunks of chocolate on a spoon, that when stirred in hot milk created the most amazing creamy hot chocolate. Unfortunately, Chocolate House does not ship, but I found these cuties on Amazon which should do the trick on those cold days.

ten. A cute hat with a pom pom is a must. I’m seeing them everywhere. This one is under $10.

eleven. Those fuzzy socks that I covet. I get home, put on these babies, and I’m instantly warm and happy.

twelve. It is called dream cream for a reason. This body cream keeps my dry winter skin moisturized. I got a sample of this from Lush (which my friend Cait over at The Vintage and Vine Lifestyle turned me on to!) and I will definitely be back for the full size. While the price is steep, you get a lot and a little goes a long way.