Friday Fizz: Summer Fragrance Hits and a Miss

Fragrances have a mysterious ability to bring you back in time to a moment, a person, or a specific era of your life. I like how just a sniff can make you have a feeling.

The fact that a scent can signify summer or winter or fall is also something that intrigues me. Like when the “winter” candles come out at Bath and Body Works in scents such as “morning snow” or like…”reindeer forest.” I’m not sure what the heck that is supposed to smell like, but the chemists in that lab sure do it right.

Today’s Friday Fizz chronicles my favorite summer scents. I don’t exclusively wear these in the summer, but they somehow remind me of long days and sweet memories.

Friday Fizz Summer Fragrance | Glass of Glam




  • Described as: zesty, energizing, ripe fruit, sweet, juicy, sensual.
  • Husband of glam and I went to Vegas for his birthday in 2015. After walking around the Palazzo hotel we came upon a Sephora, where I purchased a tiny size of this delicious perfume. Since it is expensive I’ve been using it sparingly, but it is so concentrated that I only need a spritz. It is SO orangey and zesty with maybe a hint of vanilla richness.


  • Described as: juicy, apple, exotic flowers, sensual, woodsy.
  • I used to go to the outlet malls with my friends in high school where they had this makeup outlet with a random assortment of perfumes and cosmetics. Every time we went in there I went straight to the cute apple-shaped perfume bottle and spritzed myself liberally. When I recently received a sample size, it took me right back to those carefree days of running around the outlet mall wishing I could afford a little bottle of luxury. Be delicious is sweet and bright, and SO wearable. I love it now just the same as I did when I was 16.


  • Described as: chic, sparkling, grapefruit, citrus.
  • My mom took me perfume shopping when I was 13. I requested some perfume because I liked boys and wanted to smell nice for all the bar and bat mitzvah’s (if you’re not sure what that is…I can explain another time.) Mom took me to Saks Fifth Avenue (fancy!) and the lady at the counter suggested a few scents that were appropriate for my age. After smelling the bunch, it was no contest. Fast forward to when Dan and I first started dating, he bought be a bottle of Clinique Happy as a gift. Besides all my personal feelings and memories surrounding this fragrance, it is truly timeless, chic, light, and citrusy.


  • Described as: light, springy, light, romantic, warm.
  • I purchased this fragrance on a whim. I wanted something that wasn’t classified fruity (because all my favorite scents are citrusy) but was still light and wearable for every day. I love philosophy products, so I decided to give this one a whirl. Loveswept is a beautiful scent; more on the floral side than anything I usually gravitate towards. The only criticism I have it that it fades quickly on my skin.


  • Described as: sultry, bright, tart, peach, mango, grapefruit, pineapple.
  • Pacifica is such an amazing fragrance brand. They are vegan, cruely free, paraben free, all the good stuff. There are so many scents to choose from and they only cost $30 a bottle. I got mine at Target, but I’ve seen them at Whole Foods and Amazon, too. I always get compliments when I wear the Brazilian Mango fragrance – OBSESSED. Since it is so affordable I douse myself in it, but it still does not overwhelm or overpower. It might be stinky to my kitties (cats generally don’t like anything citrus based) but they can just get over it.


  • I sample A LOT of perfumes. I’m not trying to sound snooty, but I just get a lot of samples some way or another. Whether there is a sample in my Birchbox, a handful of baby bottles as a Nordstrom beauty freebie, or a bunch in an event gift bag, I have so many. I generally like perfume and can appreciate the nuances and differences in each. So for me to really dislike a fragrance is, well…rare.
  • This one is just too sweet – like spritzing pez candy mixed with starbursts mixed with spree on your body. Just take my word for it.

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Have a lovely weekend. What is your go to summer fragrance? Let me know in the comments. I LIVE for suggestions!


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2 Responses to Friday Fizz: Summer Fragrance Hits and a Miss

  1. By Salmaa says:

    loved this post! I also shortlisted my top 5 summer fragrances but I feel like the Atelier Cologne fragrance would have fit perfectly too!

    xoxo Salmaa