Weekly Refreshment: My Hair Routine For Stronger Healthier Hair

It’s been awhile since I wrote a post about hair, and I haven’t written a post since I dyed it back to brown. My routine has changed a little bit, mostly because my hair isn’t quite as damaged anymore. These are the products I swear by right now for stronger and healthier hair.

Shampoo and conditioner is pretty simple. I came across this company called Function of Beauty, where you can customize your own shampoo and conditioner. I love the idea, because whenever I’m in the store trying to pick out a product, I always have trouble picking just one benefit. Moisturizing? Volumizing? Color protection? Why not all of the above?

First you pick your hair type (wavy for me) hair structure (fine or coarse) and scalp moisture. Then you select your top five “hair goals” out of 17 choices. I chose color protection, hydrate, fix split ends, deep condition, and soothe scalp. Lastly, you pick the color (I chose dye free) and scent (I chose to go with the recommended essential oils, but you could also choose sandalwood violet, cucumber mint, or grapefruit hibiscus. They all sound yummy. And you can put your name on the bottle, since it is fully customized. So cute.

I love the way mine smells (like tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, peppermint and spearmint) and it does a great job of getting all the product buildup off my strands. The conditioner makes my hair soft and easy to comb through when it is wet.

After the shower, while my hair is still wet, I shake up the KMS Moist Repair leave in conditioner and spray a ton of it on my hair, then comb through with a wide tooth comb. I bought a fancy one because I figured I’d have it for the rest of my life, but here is a less expensive version. Switching to a comb rather than a brush has drastically minimized the amount of breakage I see.

This mini sample of Living Proof hair oil has been my favorite lately. After I comb through my wet hair, I put a little oil on my ends. It soaks in immediately and moisturizes and nourishes, making it look like I just got a haircut. Also it smells heavenly and doesn’t look oily or heavy! I like to add a little bit extra when my hair is dry, too, or if it looks like it needs reviving.

My stylist recommended that I use this Kerasilk mask once a week. I admit that I haven’t been using it as religiously as I should, but when I do my hair feels SO soft and much healthier. I put it on after the shower and leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then hop  back in and rinse. OR just apply and leave it in overnight, and wash it out in the morning. It smells really fresh, like cotton and light flowers (sorry I suck at describing scents).

I like to finish my look using a texture spray. You know how sometimes you curl your hair and it looks too perfect? That annoys the crap out of me. I like my waves looking beachy and unintentional, and this Oribe texture spray is the secret. I have the mini purse size because I like to touch up on the go.

If you want more hair tips now, here’s my post on hair tools I can’t live without, and it is still quite accurate except for a few things. If you’re interested in Jake the #catofglam’s haircare routine, I can make that happen, haha.

What kind of hair posts do you want to see? I’d love to know!


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5 Responses to Weekly Refreshment: My Hair Routine For Stronger Healthier Hair

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  2. Susan Rahamim says:

    Customizing your shampoo and conditioner is a cool idea, even the scent and with your name! What a practical and fun idea!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I need to try that shampoo and conditioner. I keep trying to find that oil too and they seem to sell out of it. I love loving proof. Try their humidity shield!