Sleepytime Tea – My Evening Skincare Routine

When we moved to DC in October, my skin freaked out. It was right after our honeymoon, and the stress of packing up and moving took a toll on my face. After religiously following this skincare routine for two months, I am so happy with how my skin looks. I don’t have to hide behind layers of concealer and foundation. This is the first time in quite awhile that I’m not battling a breakout!

I’m sharing my routine in the hopes that it can help you or someone you know. Even if you have wonderful skin, or you have a regimen you love, knowledge never hurts! Plus, I really enjoy reading about other people’s skincare tips.

Glass of Glam - Evening Skincare Routine

1. Julep Cleansing Oil. I rub this on my eyes and face to remove all of my makeup. Without water. It does the best job of gently dissolving any makeup, without accidentally sacrificing my eyelashes. Then it just rinses off with water. I’ve tried other cleansing oils before, and this one is by far my favorite. It looks like a small bottle but it lasts forever.

2. Lush Ocean Salt. Three times a week (typically M-W-F) I exfoliate my skin. I think this is a really important step, because it helps to loosen any dead skin. This one from lush has coarse and fine pieces, along with lime juice for brightening and avocado butter to soften my skin.

3. Skin Medica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. After the oil cleanser and/or exfoliant, I cleanse with this. It contains really fine exfoliating grains that gently remove any extra makeup or dead skin. Since using this cleanser, I noticed that my skin texture has greatly improved. I like that it smells refreshing.

Glass of Glam - Evening Skincare Routine

4. Atralin Gel (prescription). My dermatologist prescribed this to help with my seemingly never-ending acne, and I think it is the rockstar of my regimen. It is a retinoid that affects the growth of skin cells and can also help with discoloration and wrinkles. Retinoid creams can normally be pretty harsh on the skin, but I have not had any problems with this one. Maybe it is because I only apply a thin layer. Retinoids also make you more sensitive to the sun, so I make sure I use makeup with sunscreen. It is pretty pricey, but I think it is totally worth it. If you are having major issues with hormonal acne or the texture of your skin, I highly recommend asking your dermatologist if this product is right for you.

5. Skin Medica Glypro Renewal Cream. Just a pea sized amount of this cream covers my whole face. I use it as a moisturizer, and I like it because it tingles a little, which makes me feel likt it is working! It makes my skin so soft! Since I have oily skin (as you know from this post) I don’t like to gunk on any heavy night creams that will clog my pores.

6. Eminence Wild Plum Eye Cream. Eye cream is the final step that I never miss. My esthetician in Cleveland recommended this one to me, and it seriously smells like sweet sugary candy! An eye cream is important because your under eyes are a sensitive area that are prone to drying out, and making you look old or tired. I see it as the icing on the cake.

In addition to the external routine, I drink lots of water (at least 2,500mL daily, read about how to drink more water in this post) and try to eat a lot of green vegetables. When I’m eating crap and not drinking water, it shows on my skin.

If you think it looks tedious on paper, the routine is really quick in practice. I am a firm believer that our skin likes routine, so no matter what you decide to use or do, give it a good run of doing the same routine for a month. Get tiny bottles for travel so you can continue your regimen wherever you go.

And as you know, I am not a doctor or trained professional. I just know that this combination really hits a sweet spot for me. Let me know if you have questions in the comments!


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2 Responses to Sleepytime Tea – My Evening Skincare Routine

  1. I desperately need to drink more water. The last six months or so I have just lost my taste for it!
    I need to keep an eye out for the GlyPro, I love anything glycolic acid based. My skin reacts so well with it!


    Bridget ||

    • Roxanne says:

      My skin loves glycolic acid, too. I wish I would have realized this sooner in my life.
      Drinking enough water is really tough! Maybe try a new water bottle, or drink tea!