Weekly Refreshment: Irresistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions

Today’s weekly refreshment is dedicated to a product that I never thought I would use or try: hair extensions. Although I consider myself to be well-versed in the world of beauty products, I have never thought to try hair extensions. I am so glad that Irresistible Me reached out to me to try their Royal Remy hair extensions, because now I think I’m hooked.

Remy Hair Extensions | Glass of Glam

The plus side of a hair extension newbie like me trying extensions for the first time is that I can guide you through my experience, from choosing a color, to my general thoughts.

Which Type of Extensions? Irresistible Me offers two types of extensions, the Silky Touch and the Royal Remy. The silky touch version is tapered at the ends and is better for a casual every day styling. The Royal Remy hair is thicker from root to tip, creating that bombshell look. I went for the Royal Remy because my hair is pretty thick. And…go big or go home, amirite?

Color. After a lot of research and discussion with the brand representatives, I chose the color Golden Blonde. Which is crazy to begin with because my hair is naturally dark brown with blonde highlights. However, I sent the representatives a picture of me and I fully trusted their recommendation.  They were spot on.

Weight and Length. Next, I chose the weight of the hair, which determines the thickness based on the length you choose. I decided to get 140g in weight at a 18 inch length since I have pretty thick hair, and I wanted the extensions to be noticeably long.

Research and Results. I watched basically every tutorial on the website, from reviews to how to clip them in to how to style them so they look natural. Since my natural hair texture is somewhat wavy and less silky, I opted to curl my hair once the extensions were clipped in to create a more seamless transition between my natural hair and the clip-ins.

Before and After. Without further ado, are my before and after pictures!

Remy Hair Extensions | Glass of Glam Remy Hair Extensions | Glass of Glam Remy Hair Extensions | Glass of Glam Remy Hair Extensions | Glass of Glam Remy Hair Extensions | Glass of Glam

Pretty darn amazing, right? I sent some photos to my friends and they were totally shocked. While it felt kind of goofy to be wearing them because I could personally tell where my natural hair ended and the extensions took over. But trying something new always feels funny. The pictures don’t lie. It looks like it could really be my hair!

Although I have not tried any other hair extension brands, I did my research for you guys. I watched so many YouTube reviews, and all of the reviewers said that these extensions are, by far, the best quality for the price. I guess I just got lucky!

I do wish that I had chosen the 200g thickness, and maybe the 16 inch length. I think I underestimated how thick my natural hair is. Other than that, I am perfectly happy and in awe. I am excited to try some different hair styles like braids and even style some more fashion looks using my hair extensions! Too much fun! Check out the Irresistible Me Instagram page to see how other girls styled their extensions! I had a lot of fun looking at that!

I fully intend on wearing these in a full fashion shoot! They make me feel like a princess.


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  3. Susan Rahamim says:

    They look great and vlend with your hair very nicely! It’s nice to have options for the more glam look sometimes!

  4. Wow! That is amazing. Gorgeous too!