Friday Fizz: Summer Hair

Happy Friday!!! We made it, guys. This has seemed like the longest week ever.

So one of my favorite things is hair. I like looking at other people’s hair, and I love doing my own hair. It is my favorite accessory and I definitely style it to reflect my style or mood.

I absolutely love effortless and messy, beachy, perfect summer hair. While it might look effortless for some, let’s face it, I put in some effort. I have a lot of favorite products I use to keep it in good shape, too.


1. Beauty Protector Protect and Oil – I put this oil on dry hair to tame any frizzy dry or frazzled ends.

2. Spornette Little Wonder Brush – This brush is perfect for teasing and smoothing. It is so cute and tiny I just LOVE it!

3. Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray – I’m obsessed with this spray because it smells amazing and it only costs $5-7 at Ulta, Walmart, and Walgreens. I spritz it on wet hair for a tousled and textured look. I also use it on my hair after I style it for some more texture and to get that “undone” look.

4. Davines OI All in One Milk – This leave in conditioner seriously smells like heaven. I can’t even describe the smell to you because I am bad at describing smells and it is just too good for words. It keeps my summer hair soft, shiny, and manageable. As a bonus, it protects against UV rays and head damage from styling.

5. Hot Tools Tapered Curling Wand – This wand is the best for creating those beachy waves. It heats up really quickly and makes my curls last for days. I like to wrap large sections around it for a wavy look, and smaller sections for a more crimped and curly look. Hot tools are my favorite irons because A. they work and B. they are really affordable.

6. Amika Undone Texture Spray – This spray will help separate your strands so it looks like you just jumped out of the ocean and let your hair dry in the wind. And it smells incredible. Hello summer hair in a bottle.

I hope you have the best weekend!


p.s. – I included this dress and these amazing sunnies in the collage because they are pretty fab.

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