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Weekly Refreshment: The Emjoi Micro-Pedi

Real talk. I really dislike going to the nail salon to get a pedi, and they ask you if they can razor your feet to get all the calluses off. My answer is always – hell naw. I don’t even like when they use the cheese grater thing. It makes me feel weird. I have a friend who recently had a bad experience with that, and it left her hobbling and bleeding (don’t worry, she is okay!)

So when I discovered the Emjoi Micro-Pedi, a handy (and safe) callus-removing tool, let’s just say I was overjoyed to go to town on my feet.

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The #ArtOfFun, Whimsy, and Luxe & On Mondays We Link-Up(#12)

Last week was really hard. My grandfather passed away, and so I was in Cleveland with family. But keeping my posting schedule has given me the sense of routine and normalcy that I needed.

I think it’s the perfect timing to post these bright happy photos, because my grandfather was a silly and charming guy. And also because a little fashion whimsy is an instant cheerer-upper for me!

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Botox, Breast Aug, and Rosé at the Austin-Weston Center For Cosmetic Surgery

You all know I will do almost anything to take care of my skin. I’m a skincare fanatic, and have tried so many different topical creams and facials, that I consider myself an expert. When Austin-Weston Center For Cosmetic Surgery invited me to learn more about their popular cosmetic procedures, I was all ears and eager to learn from their doctors and medical staff.

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Venofye Queen Bee Skincare Review

We will do pretty much anything for our skin, right? Rub mud all over it, shave it, exfoliate with diamonds, and I even heard there is a slug facial lurking around somewhere.

But what if I told you that bee venom was the next revolutionary ingredient in skincare? The science behind it makes sense. And you can find that special golden ingredient in Venofye skincare.

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The Cutest Tassel Sundress

I’m not gonna lie, I felt a teensy bit left out when everyone was talking about and posting Easter dresses in the last few weeks. I don’t exactly remember Easter dresses being a thing last year or the year before, but I’m happy that everyone shared what they were wearing this year!

Lifestyle blogger Roxanne of Glass of Glam wearing a Blush and Stone tassel dress and pink heels

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