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Friday Fizz: Nine Nail Polish Colors to Try This Fall

One of the things I always look forward to in the fall is the nail polish colors. Sometime mid September I started texting my friends like “is it too soon for dark polish!?” because I can’t wait for my dark fall hues. Don’t get me wrong, I love my summer lilacs and brights, but the earthy polish colors are my favorite.

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Sweet Like a Chica Cherry Cola: A Lightweight Trench & A Vampy Lip

It is Wednesday night as I’m writing this (hello last minute people) and I just spent all day fasting and packing. We are moving on Sunday, which I’m so excited about! But the packing…not so much.

Since I didn’t eat all day I basically packed in a zombie stupor. Luckily I labeled the boxes when I felt compelled to.

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White Lace Top for the New Year

To my Jewish friends, happy new year! Last week Dan and I celebrated the Jewish new year by going to a restaurant downtown and having some traditional Jewish food. I wore this lace over the shoulder top since it was a fancy-er occasion.

We consider ourselves to be very culturally Jewish; not necessarily religious. To us, that means we enjoy the traditions, food, and values and don’t stress much about going to temple and praying.

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Look Great in Denim on Denim

Look Great in Denim on Denim

Today’s post is by guest contributor Maggie Williams. Maggie is a freelance writer based out of Tucson. She enjoys reading and writing about fashion and lifestyle topics and, in her spare time, running half marathons, baking, and finding the best pizza in Arizona.

Denim on denim, once a fashion no-no, has become popular to wear in the fashion world, and among celebrities. Big names like Gigi Hadid, Dakota Fanning, Rachel Bilson, and other well-known models, actresses, and even bloggers have all jumped on board the trend train. Not only is it comfy and convenient given that many of us have several denim pieces in our closets already, but it can look really chic and effortless when done correctly. Although the pairing can be a tad intimidating, being clad head-to-toe in the look can quickly become overwhelming, I have several tips and tricks that will have you wearing denim on denim like a pro! Read More

Friday Fizz: Blush

This week was a whirlwind for me. I woke up super early to get to work by 7 am so I could leave earlier, which was kind of nice. But last night I was messing around with the back end of my website. I tweaked something and Glass of Glam disappeared. I was so afraid that it was a fatal mistake and that I had lost everything!

I was devastated, but I poured myself a glass of wine, took a deep breath, and called support. The nice tech guy on the phone ended up figuring it out, thank god!

The whole mess got me thinking. This website and all you Glammers mean so much to me. I come home from working all day and I thrust my heart into this. This little piece of the earth is my creative soul. I really truly love it. If I had lost all that I worked to create since January, I would have been so crushed.

So since Glass of Glam was saved, I decided to choose a lighthearted theme for today’s Friday Fizz! Blush has to be one of my favorite colors. See all the prettiness below!

blush style picks


First of all, let me point out the insane deals. These braided ankle strap sandals are just $20. Charlotte Russe is awesome like that. Comfy sweaters like this  $19 soft knit waterfall cardigan are key to a cozy weekend outfit (or for keeping in the office because offices don’t believe in temperature regulation.) Also this gorgeous blush trench coat is only $62. Not terrible for a coat.

If you’re thinking of trying the velvet trend, this crushed velvet rollover clutch might be the way to go.  I styled a really pretty pink velvet cami with faux leather earlier this week, too!

These pajamas will come in handy when we start turning off the A/C, and what about this new Tory Burch bag? It is called the mini half moon satchel. Swoon!

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I am headed to Hershey PA for a family reunion! Check out my Instagram Story (@GlassofGlam) if you want to follow along!


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A Trip To the Vet With Enterprise CarShare

I absolutely love living in downtown Washington, D.C. We recently sold our car because we are so dedicated to city living. We didn’t use our car that much. Plus, the parking fees at our apartment are astronomical, not to mention maintenance costs, insurance, etc. Adulting is fun.

While selling our car was a liberating experience, there are times where even a die-hard city dweller needs a vehicle. Taking my precious Elwood to the vet was one of those instances.

A Trip to the Vet With Enterprise Car Share

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Velvet and Leather Make Things Better – And Some Fall Velvet Finds

Velvet is probably my favorite of all the fall trends. Not just any velvet, but the crushed variety. It like that is a throwback to the 90’s. I remember I had a burgundy cocktail-type dress when I was 14. I should have kept that darn thing, because, HECK, the trend is back!

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