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Weekly Refreshment: Chatting With the Fam of Glam

I decided to start a new series titled “Real Talk with the Fam of Glam.” I am always trying to find topics that I think you would enjoy.

I was thinking about how I like reading articles that include multiple perspectives. Luckily, my family is full of perspectives and opinions that I find very entertaining. Each of us has our own style that is uncompromisingly different.

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Red Stripe: A Colorful Shift Dress & Some Work Options

I wore this fun striped shift dress to work, then straight to an after work event. If it isn’t obvious to you by now, I love shift dresses for work. See here, here, and here for some work wear inspiration.

A Red and White Shift Dress Shein Belted and a Selection of Affordable Shift Dresses for Work via a style and beauty blog featuring affordable fashion


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Friday Fizz: Chic and Trendy Finds for Under $50

Let’s face it, I like a bargain. Even when I’ve found something trendy I really like for, let’s say $100, I go hunting for a similar item at an even lower price. It is fun to me, like a challenge. Over the years I’ve been honing my skills and getting even better at finding the best deal.

For you budget babes who love  to find trendy pieces at a bargain, I’ve compiled some chic finds for under $50 from some of my favorite retailers. There isn’t a real “theme” to this collage other than that they are all things I am super excited about.

friday fizz chic under 50 numbers

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Eyelet Little White Dress & Thursday Moda Link-Up!

Good morning! That’s what I said when we woke up early to shoot photos of this white eyelet dress. I committed to having these photos up by today, so here they are!

We had to dodge a lot of rush hour foot traffic to find a quiet spot, but we managed to make it work.


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Weekly Refreshment: Currently Loving Clinique Lipstick

I think the Clinique brand gets an undeserved reputation for being…for the older ladies. I rarely see a blogger or beauty you-tuber who is extremely enthusiastic about THE NEW CLINIQUE THING ZOOOOOMG. But I’m over here with this little secret, because I confess, I love Clinique lipsticks.

Clinique lipsticks are the best for finding the perfect "your lips but better" shade. Via

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